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From the mouth of the dragon.

So many times in the past few years,my soul has cried out to be loved,and been answered by vile and unjust people who didn’t love me but somehow loathed me for my very existence.

For some of you out there this is a subject that you never even give thought to anymore it has become just a routine and mundane part of your existence,something not worthy of the the thought of every minute of everyday,as love should truly be approached.

Do you go to bed at night thinking I must put my arms around this person of all persons,and awaken her or him with the very joy that you are both alive,another day a day when love can grow not wither on the proverbial vine of life.

Do you now take for granted that this love that once made you smile so hard your damn jaw hurt,is just a drudgery that you somehow think you must continue out of some duty you promised in times past.

Think very hard people of what the gift of true love brings to life,It’s the very essence of who we aspire to be as we grow up in the world,and yet as we think that it is ours to keep it can vanish while we are there standing next to it.

How many of us ever achieve and keep true love in our lives? A very small percentage I’m willing to bet.

Some of us have it and don’t ever realize that It’s ours,we just keep looking as if it has somehow passed us by somehow.

I will tell you that if and when I find this in my life it will be the focal point to which all other parts of my life beg to give themselves to.

For me as an elderly translady not a day goes by when I don’t dream of having that warm body,that arm over me at night that comfort of seeing a smiling face looking back at me in the morning when I awaken.

This is a prize not often found by persons like me, it’s more like worst odds than the lotto.

Have I given up completely heavens no, I’m a wonderful girl with much to offer,and maybe one of the most passionate lovers on the planet.

But I urge those you who have someone to wake up to devote all that you should to that person,loneliness is not a place you really want to visit in life.

It was thrust upon me by virtue of losing my mate in the most horrible way, I came home from work to find her dead by her own hand. And yes I have heard all the little comforting things people always say in these circumstances, It’s not your fault,It was her choice,and many more, but how does ones heart really recover from this horrible tragedy over which you have no choice ?

Somehow I chose to go on even though I at first didn’t want to, I found some courage and inner strength to hold out a place in my heart for someone else to fill someday.

If you are out there and listening please reach out to this warm and loving heart that beckons true love.

Getting in touch with the proper perpective.

Both of us were active in pursuing our dream of a rational and just society long before we started TS-Si in 2004. But we saw then an opening for an approach that went beyond sentimental essays and bitter blogging about the situation facing people born transsexual — we suspected those approaches would result in bad and mindlessly polarized outcomes.

A better option for us was to recognize — and act on — three simple truths:

  1. Transsexuality is a medical phenomenon that advents at (really, we would learn, before) the birth of an individual, must be recognized as such, and treated just as one would any other medical reality.
  2. The general public was soaked with ignorant stereotypes and mean-minded disinformation that blocked effective treatment by substituting destructive social activism for rational dialogue.
  3. Science, the path to success, was hampered by poor to non-existent educational standards and outright hostility by adherents of superstition and pseudo-science.

To meet this situation, we recognized that attention must be tightly focused on three important goals.

First — and above all — we would dedicate ourselves to the acceptance, medical treatment, and legal protection of individuals correcting the misalignment of their brains and their anatomical sex and support their transition into society as hormonally reconstituted and surgically corrected citizens.

Second, we would provide the American public, their political leaders, legal scholars and tacticians (as well as religious spokespersons) with an intellectual framework that would enable them to distinguish men and women born transsexual (Transsexuality) from the loud public visibility of transgendered political activists, weekend crossdressers, and gender queers we saw gathering outside the walls.

Third, we would highlight the science and the cutting edge research that steadily forms an ever expanding context that explores (and increasingly explains) the physical, especially neurobiological, basis for Transsexuality. TS-Si has become a library of scientific research.

With the help and collaboration of so many others, we have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. The world moves and will continue to move in a more rational direction.

This Video and the comments made,after makes my heart cry.

It is still an uphill battle in many areas of our country to have the rights we deserve as human beings.

We have fought and some have died to protect the rights of ALL of our citizens just as much as the rest of our community,and we don’t seek to restrict your rights why should you restrict ours?

Beliefs are often worth giving your life for.

For some of us what we hold dear in our hearts and believe in with our souls,means giving the ultimate price so that others may have what we do not.

My generation had such beliefs and some of  us died,at the hands of our own government,but things have changed in America,where are all the people who believe strongly in our Country now,Have they disappeared or become a nonexistent in our society,today?             God,Guns and Guts built this Country make sure we keep all Three.

Tibetan Farmer Is Eighth Protester To Self-Immolate This Month


October 22, 2012 4:48 PM

The Tibetan Labrang Monastery in Gansu, northwestern China, is normally a place of tranquility. Now, it is also known for tragedy. Early this morning, a Tibetan farmer known as Dhondup headed to Labrang to perform the Buddhist ritual of walking around the monastery in prayer. Near the prayer hall inside the gold-roofed monastery, Dhondup lit himself ablaze in protest of Chinese rule in Tibet. This is the second self-immolation in Tibet in two days, continuing a disturbing trend among Tibetan protesters.

picture (note: it is graphic; you may not wish to view it) uploaded by the U.K.-based human rights organization Free Tibet shows what is said to be Dhondup’s body engulfed in flames against a backdrop of white brick and blue sky. According to witnesses, Buddhist monks surrounded his charred remains so that Chinese authorities could not confiscate the body.

Stephanie Brigde, director of the organization, said in a written statement that Dhondup is now the eighth Tibetan protester to self-immolate this month. The group claims that nearly 60 Tibetans — mostly monks and nuns — have turned to suicide by fire in Tibet and bordering Chinese provinces since spring of last year. Few survived and many of their whereabouts are unknown, but activists point fingers at the Chinese government.

“China must recognize that Tibetan demands for freedom cannot be stamped out by brute force,” Brigde wrote following Dhondup’s death, adding that China “must enter into meaningful dialogue with Tibetan representatives, supported by the international community.”

Tibetan protesters seek religious freedom and want to draw international attention to what they say is repressive Chinese rule. The Chinese government continues to deny such accusations, instead blaming the exiled Dalai Lama for effectively inciting self-immolation — a claim he denies.

Raids on Tibetan monasteries by Chinese authorities have become more common, in an attempt to quell protests and arrest monks who are suspected of distributing information about self-immolation or photographing those who choose to set themselves on fire. Chinese police have urged at least one protester’s family to testify that the self-immolation had nothing to do with China’s control over Tibet.

While today’s self-immolation was the first at Labrang, Tibet’s holy sites are not unfamiliar to protest and defiance of Chinese reign. Other Tibetans have lit themselves on fire at other monasteries, often drinking gasoline, shouting slogans demanding freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama, and holding the Tibetan flag – an illegal symbol in China – as they burn.


In the early morning hours of this day 10/12/2012 I was the victim of a hate crime my nights sleep was interrupted by noise and flames outside my bedroom window,I ran to the door to find that my American flag had been ripped from it’s mooring placed in my trash can and set afire on my front porch. Yes I am a transgendered person But I keep to myself and don’t put it in other peoples world,just to let them know who and what I am. This will now change,I intend to fly this flag with pride in front of my home and challenge all to know me and face me,these cowards will not take my life nor my dignity from me.My life counts as much as anyone else’s in this world.

Cages,Boxes,and Freedom

Starting as a small child when I realized that I was really a girl and not what was listed on my birth certificate,I found myself feeling like I was caged up in a place with no one in the world to talk to about my fate or the thoughts that went through my mind everyday.The whole experience made crazy things go on in my youth and on into my teens,and then as an adult slowly I began to release shelle a little at a time sometimes with very bad consequences,like ending marriages because she was caught out of her cage at the most inappropriate times,I tried the best I could to keep her hidden from the world but it was sometimes just more than I could bear,she was the cause of substance abuse that plagued my life almost forever it seemed.It wasn’t until much later in life that I finally met and married a woman who herself had dealt with sexual issues and had engaged in a lesbian relationship,she was very tolerant with my wanting to be Shelle and actually encouraged it,It was then in my life that I escaped the cage, and found myself put in another place that society deemed appropriate,a box called transgendered,while at first I had a feeling of liberation in all this, even that began to eat away at my soul.It soon began to consume all I thought about from wanting to learn about it to spreading the knowledge I was amassing in the process.But still there were things that kept my life sad I wasn’t able to even share the fact that I was “transgendered” with any one not my friends or family so I began to slowly summon the courage to get out of the “box”.

This all culminated in telling my friends and family that I was Shelle and not the person they had always known in life,for the most part my fears of letting the world know were unfounded,almost to the person I was embraced and supported. now after all the years of pain I’m living as what I really am a woman,this new found freedom has nearly made me forget that I’m transgender at all I just live like the rest of the women in my family I do as they do and go with them shopping and find the same things to do as they do,finally I feel like I’m living in true” freedom”  in my life and I’m happier than I have ever been.