Getting in touch with the proper perpective.

Both of us were active in pursuing our dream of a rational and just society long before we started TS-Si in 2004. But we saw then an opening for an approach that went beyond sentimental essays and bitter blogging about the situation facing people born transsexual — we suspected those approaches would result in bad and mindlessly polarized outcomes.

A better option for us was to recognize — and act on — three simple truths:

  1. Transsexuality is a medical phenomenon that advents at (really, we would learn, before) the birth of an individual, must be recognized as such, and treated just as one would any other medical reality.
  2. The general public was soaked with ignorant stereotypes and mean-minded disinformation that blocked effective treatment by substituting destructive social activism for rational dialogue.
  3. Science, the path to success, was hampered by poor to non-existent educational standards and outright hostility by adherents of superstition and pseudo-science.

To meet this situation, we recognized that attention must be tightly focused on three important goals.

First — and above all — we would dedicate ourselves to the acceptance, medical treatment, and legal protection of individuals correcting the misalignment of their brains and their anatomical sex and support their transition into society as hormonally reconstituted and surgically corrected citizens.

Second, we would provide the American public, their political leaders, legal scholars and tacticians (as well as religious spokespersons) with an intellectual framework that would enable them to distinguish men and women born transsexual (Transsexuality) from the loud public visibility of transgendered political activists, weekend crossdressers, and gender queers we saw gathering outside the walls.

Third, we would highlight the science and the cutting edge research that steadily forms an ever expanding context that explores (and increasingly explains) the physical, especially neurobiological, basis for Transsexuality. TS-Si has become a library of scientific research.

With the help and collaboration of so many others, we have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. The world moves and will continue to move in a more rational direction.


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