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The Perfect Baby’s Breath Chapter Fourteen

By: Me

Written on August 21st, 2012

When Murial suggested to Skip/Andrea that she head up the foundation and find the help needed to bring Marie’s dreams to fruition she was elated but bewildered as to where to even begin with such a monumental task,where would she even begin to find such scientific people,who would put their careers on the line for such a project,this has never been tried or even thought possible by anyone before.
She would drift off to sleep that night thinking about how and who she could enlist in this almost impossible project.All she knew was that if she could make Marie’s dream a reality it would make hers so as well.
Murial had already set aside a great deal of money toward the foundation so attracting well qualified people should not be a problem,she decided to contact all the best transgender surgeons in the country to in hopes of getting a few together to make a team to work on this project she sweetened the deal by offering to let them also continue to practice their trade through the foundation,as long as they agreed to doing at least one pro bono case each month.she felt that the foundation should be known for it’s giving to the transgendered community ,as well as it’s research toward the goal of finally being the first people to ever be successful in allowing a transgender to give birth for the first time ever.

The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath Chapter Thirteen.

By: Me

Written on June 22nd, 2012

Skip was subjected to some very intense therapy after his attempt at suicide,thank God he had Murial and Marie by his side.
Murial had been overwhelmed with her duties at at the Corporation she had never had to deal with her late husbands affairs before but she was doing her best and cooperating with the authorities to dissolve all the illegal ventures attached to the business by Marion what an evil bastard he had turned out to be,but she knew this for a while just by the way he treated Marie and this was his own flesh and blood. That was why for sometime she had been having her affair with Skip.As the shipping business began to again stabilize she noticed that along with his police investigation Skip had been making all the good business decisions for the shipping business while Marion was pursuing his flesh trading and drug smuggling affairs.That god for that or the business may have gone under leaving all of them penniless.
She really wanted Skip back there running the daily affairs again but knew that he could never be happy doing that again especially now that it was finally revealed that he was transgendered,why she wondered in their long affair had he not trusted her with this,was he so afraid of what she might say?She struggled with her new feelings about skip realizing that she was now in love with someone who wished to be a woman they had so very much to talk about now and so much to resolve in their new relationship,everything was different now.Her college degree in veteranary medicine certainly had not prepared her for running this huge shipping industry but she seemed to be getting a firm grip on things.the corporation was making more money than ever but her thoughts were always on Marie’s dream and now Skip and Marie would need the same help in life.With all they had gone through with the India trip and nearly been sold by her late husband she was at wits end how to pursue her sweet Marie’s dream,And then It hit her one night like a lightning bolt from the sky,She could set up a nonprofit foundation to research what both Skip and Marie both wanted and needed so desperately in their lives It make take years of research but at least they would be safe and it would be done in the U.S. and all legal,and she could appoint Skip to run the foundation giving her a great incentive to see it work and a new motivation for her life,yes this would be her gift of love to the new relationship,and to Marie’s dream of giving life one day.Could they both give her children in the future? would Skip accept this new challenge in life,or would she reject Murials gift of true love?

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Perfect Baby’s Breath – Chapter 12

By: JamieLee1

Written on June 21st, 2012

Skip was not planning for Murial to answer the phone. He just wanted to leave her a message saying he was sorry, and how much he loved her.Now Marie was on the phone and she said: “I love you! My mother loves you! Please don’t do this! You promised me that you would help me and take care of me. You promised that you would help me become who I am supposed be. Please, Please. Skip!”

Skip said to Marie: I love you so much, and I loved your mother more than anything. I want you to know that!”

And then Skip hung up the phone, and sat down in his chair. He threw down a few more shots of whiskey. It has been three hours in this stand off with the police. He thought about his life over and over again. He thought about Murial and Marie. He then remembered a stupid poem that he had written years ago!

In a world of barbs and insults,
Where, hurt can live with pain.

There comes a time for healing,
To talk and laugh again.

Words were sent to harm you,
from lands with no control,

But now it’s time for closure,
to let the flowers grow.

Deep down it’s all a pattern,
repeating all the same.

Reflections, of each other,
in make up, and in name.

When nature’s highs are highest,
with no where else to go.

They drop down to the lowest,
and let the flowers grow.

In life there are always chances,
to, do the thing that’s right,

With each beside each other,
we see what’s in the light.

Give thanks to peace that’s given.

Learn all there is to know!

And walk carefully through the garden!

To, let the flowers grow!

He thought over and over again “Let the flowers grow! Let the flowers grow”

He drank a few more shots. NOW IT WAS TIME !!!!!!!!!! to end this standoff!

He slowly bent over the table and picked up his revolver. But instead of keeping it empty, he placed one round in the chamber, as tears started swelling in his eyes.

He slowly got up and walked towards the door and yelled, I’m coming out!

He slowly opened the door and stepped out, he held his hands high in the air with the revolver in his right hand! He heard on the loud speaker, Skip put the gun down! Don’t make us do this! Murial told us everything. It’s OK! We will get you the help that you need !!!!!!!!

Skip, heard over and over in his mind “Let the flowers grow” as he slowly lowered lowered his right arm and pointed his gun directly at one of the officers.

Immediately he looked down at his chest, and noticed five red dots dancing around his heart! He knew that there was probably more trained on his forehead!

He heard a siren swiftly approaching from a distance. As he took the gun and placed it on his temple! Over and over again he thought, let the flowers grow, as he began to pull the trigger !!!!!!! , and end his own life.

When he heard a voice come over the loudspeaker! It was Murial’s voice. Skip, I love you, please don’t do this! I want to marry you! I discovered that site on the Corporate Computer. I have read your stories; I know now why you wanted Marie to achieve her dreams so bad. She loves you too. Please we need you in our lives, it’s OK that you are who you are as a Transsexual. Please don’t do this!

Skip, backed his finger slowly off the trigger. He threw the gun on the lawn ten foot away and dropped to his knees, as tears were streaming down his face. He placed his hands behind his head. It was over.

A few of the Officers rushed him, and took him into custody! The placed him in the back of the Patrol car. As they did, he looked into Murial’s and Marie’s eyes as they were standing there, as he said I LOVE YOU!

They then drove off………


Jamie lee contributor.

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The Perfect Baby’s Breath. Chapter Eleven

By: Me

Written on June 20th, 2012

Hello Skip,What kind of crazy thing are you doing you are all over the channel 5 news,for God sake’s man get a grip on yourself.I have been so pissed at you since my arrival back home and you having me arrested I could not even think of speaking to you,I could have been imprisoned for life and you certainly did not have my interest at heart you meant to add feathers to your hat in your career,what angered me most is the fact that you hurt little Marie so very badly,she looked up to you and loved you as a father almost as a God she cries and asks about you everyday,she has softened my heart and I must admit that In spite of all that has happened I love you too,and miss you deeply.Please Dear you have friends outside that door don’t do this,hang up the phone and call one of your friends and end this now,I know you will be taken into custody and sent for evaluation,But I will be there for you every step of the way as soon as you hang up I will leave and we will both be by side very soon my love,don’t worry anymore we are your family still,and I need you by my side to get this huge damn business in order again so we can begin anew working on Marie’s dream and our dreams as well darling We have so much to do dear you must stop this now and stay for us.Perhaps it will be a long road to get back to where we were in our lives but let’s at least give our love a chance to survive all it’s been through,you don’t need to worry about a job I need you here to be my partner in all parts of my life,I’m begging you sweetheart please stop this an be with us.What will it be my love will we see you die on the 5 news or will you defuse this horrible set of events you have set in motion.If you plan to go through with this a least say goodbye to Marie here She is please speak to her.Skips life hangs in the balance,what will he say to his little Marie,only Skip can answer that question now,It’s up to you now dear our feelings are known to you.

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The Perfect Baby’s Breath Chapter Ten

By: JamieLee1

Written on June 19th, 2012

Skip’s intention was to take Murial into custody, and then testify that she acted in self-defense. He was going to provide the proof and information needed to clear her!But her statement when he met her on the dock was, throwing him under the bus she is not only a quick thinker but pathological as well, now his credibility would be called into question!

At the trial all charges were dismissed against Murial, however Skip had a more serious problem.

Since Murial, denied his allegations, he was fired as a State police Officer, because of her lies. He was considered a Corrupt Cop! My God how could this happen, with the woman he loved so much.

When Murial was released she immediately take charge of the corporate affairs of the cooperation. Skip Had tried several times to contact Murial but she refused to have anything to do with him. Murial was fuming, knowing now that he had deceived her.

Skip retreated to a cottage, no one knew about, by the ocean. He became a recluse. His life was over, his career, as he slipped into a deep depression.

He drank every day, planning his suicide. He tried to call Murial on many occasions, and his calls were left unanswered. He had nothing now, not even the woman that he loved so much.

About 6 months have passed, and he finally figured out how to end his life, just like a friend of his in law-enforcement, Jamie Lee, had talked about many times! DEATH BY COP! This is when someone in law enforcement is so down and out. They take and empty their firearm. They call the police and 911, indicating that there was just a murder in their residence. When the police arrive and surround the house. They step out their front door with the unloaded gun, and begin to point it at them, starting to pull the trigger! They are killed in a matter of seconds, by fellow officers.

So Skip thought that tonight was the time to end it all. He went out and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels, and went back home. He thought about Muriel and Marie, and what his life was before all this. At 12 noon he opened the bottle of whiskey, placed his unloaded revolver on the table next to the phone. Skip drank shot after shot! And around 7pm, he picked up the phone and called 911. He told them that a stranger in the house just murdered someone. He staggered to the front door and opened it and went back and sat down and waited. Approximately 5 minutes later he heard the blast of a loud speaker “This is the Police! Come out with your hands up. We have the house surrounded!”
Skip picked up his gun!
He stood up to walk out the front door. But he thought before he did he will call Murial, one last time and tell her he loved her.

Murial’s phone rang, And this time Murial answered it. OMG it was her!

Murial said this to Skip? WHAT!

Jamie lee contributor.

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The Perfect Baby’s Breath.chapter Nine

By: Me

Written on May 21st, 2012

As Murial, approached the dock all she could think of was being in Skips arms and finally feeling some comfort after this horrible trip was finally at it’s end.
But who could these strange men be with him she just wanted to be alone with the man she so dearly loved,she and Marie ran up the dock Marie reaching skip first and throwing her little arms around him she felt like skip was her true father and she loved him also just as Murial did,he embraced her and lifted her small body into the air hugging her so firmly she could barely breath.As he looked at Murial standing there waiting to greet him.As she gazed into his eyes she was seeing an almost distant look not the happy to see you look she was expecting,Skip put Marie down and said please dear run along up to the house And see Nancy the house keeper she has a special surprise for you.As Murial approach him for her hugs and and desperately wanted kisses he pushed her away,saying Murial there is something you should know,I am a state police officer and you have confessed to a murder these men are here to take you into custody,for the murder of Marian.She glared at him thinking she was more betrayed by this man than she was by her husband,thinking very quickly she said why Skip whatever are you saying you know full well I told you Marian was lost at sea while he was so very drunk I was in my cabin at the time when he didn’t show up for some time I looked for him and notified the ships captain who assisted in the search, we turned around and searched for him and alerted the Navy cruiser nearby to help in the search nothing was ever found.Meanwhile skip was thinking my god this woman is throwing me under the bus she is not only a quick thinker but pathological as well,now his credibility would be called into question,Murial was taken into custody and booked for suspicion of murder in the disappearance of her husband Marion.She  immediately called the family attorney and told him what had happened and instructed him to have the corporate lawyers draw up papers removing Skip from any further dealings with Marion’s corporation.At the hearing the following morning the prosecuting attorney was at a loss to produce enough credible evidence to move forward with the case it was only Skips word of a confession that they had and that was his word against hers this would not hold up in any court there was no body and no other testimony that could corroborate Skip’s story.The judge Dismissed all the charges and Murial was released.She would immediately take charge of the corporate affairs of the cooperation villa the team of lawyers held in trust by the Corporation,a long legal battle was about to ensue,and Skip’s credibility was in question now as he had made these allegations against Murial which would not stand,All the while Murial was fuming, knowing now that he had deceived her for so long and what of her little Marie who loved him so, my god How could she ever explain this to her.Skip Had tried several times to contact Murial but she refused to have anything to do with him,what now for the future of the two girls they had been turned on by both the men who had professed love for them and Murial was at this time completely engulfed by the business she was trying to protect and their future’s,Geez now love only seemed more distant and unachievable than ever. where would their lives go from here?Their dreams for Marie seemed more distant than when this whole ordeal began.

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The Perfect Baby’s Breath – Chapter 8

By: JamieLee1

Written on May 17th, 2012

Andrew (Skip) Harden, was a very wonderful person. He was a very dedicated Vice President of the Cooperation! He was young and handsome. He was Marion’s right hand man for the last four years. He never planned to fall in love with Muriel. It just happened. And he loved her unconditionally!But there was something no one knew about Skip! Actually Andrew was an undercover State police officer, who was a part of a Reverse Sting Operation; his purpose was to gather information about Marion, his company and all his dealings. They had compiled so much information, that they were getting ready to take him down soon, and arrest him.

Muriel never knew that he was a cop! But Skip planned to tell her when the operation was over. And he also planned to ask Muriel’s hand in marriage! He loved her so much.

But now there was a serious problem and decision which he had to make!

When Muriel called Skip on the phone, she related what she did to Merion. That she was afraid that Merion was going to kill her and Marie. She chose in the heat of the moment to push Merion off the back of the yacht, he had fallen, hit his head on the fantail, and rolled into the ocean, disappearing our of site forever.

Skip understood that she didn’t know that he was a Cop. But now, this turned into a serious situation when Muriel admitted to him that she murdered Merion.

Skip usually didn’t drink, but tonight he was going to get plastered and think about all the options.

Should he help Muriel cover up the murder? Should he immediately withdraw all of Merion’s assets, which were in the millions, elope to a distant Island with, the woman he loved so dearly? Or did he have to honor the oath he made when he became an officer,
After all, with all the information he compiled about Merion in the past few years, would surely prove to any Judge and Jury, that it was a Justifiable Homicide, that Muriel was afraid for her an Marie’s life. BUT WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T!, and they put Muriel in jail. Marie would be without a Mother and he would lose the woman he loved so dearly!

Time was not on his side. He had to make a decision by tomorrow!

Mean while back on the Yacht, Muriel turn the boat around and headed home. It would take approximately two days.

The next morning, when she woke up, she looked at the bow of the yacht. There was Marie sitting a lounge chair. She had a very beautiful flowered sun dress on. Her shiny brown hair was blowing gently in the ocean breeze. This was the first time that Muriel truly saw how strikingly beautiful Marie was! And again she swore to herself that she would do anything to get Marie that operation, so she could be the complete woman that she deserved to be.

Muriel sat back and recalled a recent Court ruling in Argentina, Where they took two giant steps for transgendered equality. They passed legislation that both ensures insurance coverage for transition-related medical care and at the same time eliminates medical requirement for official recognition of one’s gender identity. The law, backed by President Cristina Fernandez, passed the nation’s Senate Wednesday by a vote of 55-0, with one abstention and a dozen lawmakers declaring themselves absent. The move by South America’s third most populous nation follows the course of neighboring Uruguay as well as others including Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, in providing for legal recognition of Trans people’s identities without requiring specific medical procedures or a burdensome and potentially arbitrary judicial process.

The new law begins by stating that all persons have the right to the free development and recognition of their gender identity and to be treated in accord with that identity in the way they are officially identified. The law creates an official administrative procedure where by any adult, or any minor with the support of their guardians, may apply to change their sex listed in the civil registry. Neither judicial approval nor proof of specific psychological or medical treatments is required. Hormonal and surgical treatment for transgender people – which previously often required a court’s approval – will now be freely available and must be covered by public and private health plans. Thus, the law reflects the principle that individuals should control both their own identities and their own bodies, and should neither have, unwanted medical procedures imposed on them nor have medically necessary ones denied.
This law reflects the hard work of Trans, and advocates in Argentina as well as the growing trend of recognition for Trans people’s identities and medical needs internationally.
Muriel sat back in her chair and began to cry! Why would God do such a thing to a child, and have them incarcerated in the wrong body? A child like this should be able to be free as a woman, and not have to wait to be free upon death! How tragically sad.!

Muriel and Marie finally arrived back to the United States, and as Muriel began pulling along side of the dock, she saw Skip, standing there with two other men. She couldn’t wait to run into his arms.

Jamie lee contributor.

The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath. Chapter Seven

By: Me

Written on May 10th, 2012

Yes Murial’s heart was racing and she had to know why they had changed course and were headed back to India,and being liquored up she felt bold enough to ask,Marion why are we headed back toward India? with a shocked look on his face he quickly answered Oh some last minute business dear nothing to worry about.But you have no business holdings in India Marion,he stumbled on his words,and said oh the authorities had some more questions to ask about the raid,and they must return to the port of Kolkata and answer to them.
She knew he was lying she could see the puzzled look on his face when she began to ask questions.She finished her drink and said I’ll get us one more before we go to bed dear,there was know way this could be the romantic night they had talked of earlier,she had to find out what was up and quick they they were only two and a half days out of kolkata and she needed answers and fast, she fixed the drinks and put three of her sleeping pills in Marion’s to knock him out.
They finished their drinks and she said let’s go to bed dear and make love like we said,Marion agreed and they went to their suite.
the truth is that their relationship had been one of convenience for a few years now,it had gone down hill when she began to help Marie to become a girl and he hated her for it.
She had been having a secret affair with Marion’s vice president for some time his name was was Andrew (skip) Harden.
Marion quickly passed out when they reached the suite, and she rushed to the com. room and contacted Skip in an attempt to find out something about this sudden return to northern India.Skip said he couldn’t tell her a lot but there were certain accounts,Marion kept only to himself and he skip had never had access to them but he knew it was some thing very suspicious be cause the FBI had been poking around and asking a lot of questions now for some time and he was sure the company was under investigation.He also said he thought Marion was on to their affair and that he might be planning something to get back at them both.She told skip that she loved him and she was afraid something awful was going to happen,he tried to sooth her by saying she shouldn’t worry too much. but he too was worried for Murial,and Marie as he had come to know her (Marie) like the daughter he never had.They exchanged their I love you’s and said goodbye.
Murial went to bed and lay awake all night contemplating what she should do she was terrified thinking Marion may know what was going on with her and Skip,and she was afraid for little Marie especially  because Marion could barely look at her with out getting angry.
The next day arrive and everyone got up and had breakfast and went about the day as normal, evening approached and Marie ask to be excused to her room, as her parents filled their evening with their normal rounds of cocktails.
It was beginning to get dark and Marion and Murial were starting to feel the effects of the drinks and making small talk as they sat on the fantail of the yacht.
Murial was all the while worrying about what was going to happen when they reached Kolkata,and then out nowhere,she jumped from her chair and yelled to Marion what is that in the water dear,Marion got up to look over the rail and Murial with a huge push shoved him overboard,and stood there watching as he went out of site in the night,she couldn’t believe what she had just done she had murdered her husband and didn’t even feel anything,she waited a few hours and then notified the captain that she could not find her husband and ask if he knew where he might be? he said no but he would have someone look into it for her she thanked him and went to her room.Her thoughts were wild and crazy as it sunk in on her that she had really done this,she knew he would never be found and that a big change was about to take place in her and Maries lives,She would be taking over the reins of the company  and would soon enough find out what was going on with those secret accounts and she would now be free to have her love with Skip and be able to focus her search for Maries quest,but their would be some arrangements and things to do in the short term that would fill her days with a lot torment.She had to plan a funeral and appear all the while to be a loyal and grieving widow, oh how things had just made a huge turn in her life,she vowed to take the money made by Marion’s  bad dealing and put it into a research project to help Marie and girls like her to achieve the impossible dream they dreamed.