Stuck In The Middle Again

How to start? I said long ago when I made my choice to back our new President that when he did things I felt were wrong I would call him out on it.

Today is the first time I’m ready to speak against him on an issue dear to my heart.Most of you who know me understand my past and my hopes for the future.

While then Mr. Trump campaigned He said over and over he would be the president of all the people and wished to unite us again.He has now embarked on a clear violation of his promise to do so.

I fully understand those on the far right who feel that Transgender people are trying to push our way into their strict view of bathrooms ,on the other hand I understand those on the far left who feel it is their right to do so.

My mind lives in a place somewhere in the middle of these groups,a place that tries to see gray and not black and white. A place where all peoples rights are honored no matter of their views.

Clearly there needs to be a national policy that provides a clear solution to the rights of all,this is not a states rights issue it’s a civil rights issue period. All persons have the right to safe bathroom rights.And there needs to be national standards that protect everyone’s rights.

Especially the young,I was young once my self and these things can have life long impressions,with unintended consequences in later life.

Some many years ago disabled persons were shut out of much of life,Americans rose to the challenge and we gave the  rights they were not afforded by creating the ADA (Americans with disability’s Act ) while some of still bitch about all the empty parking spaces in the front of the the places we go, America moved forward ,stores,public places,and building codes transformed  our lives by making ,ramps accessible bathrooms homes rest parks and on and on available to millions of Americans who were denied these services before and we are better for all these changes.To that end I think we can find the compassion as a nation to apply this kind of common sense to this issue we have proved through ADA that we can change bathrooms to make them accessible to all. Love each other enough to bring a commonsense change That protects everyone’s humanity.


Hugzz to all


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