From the mouth of the dragon.

So many times in the past few years,my soul has cried out to be loved,and been answered by vile and unjust people who didn’t love me but somehow loathed me for my very existence.

For some of you out there this is a subject that you never even give thought to anymore it has become just a routine and mundane part of your existence,something not worthy of the the thought of every minute of everyday,as love should truly be approached.

Do you go to bed at night thinking I must put my arms around this person of all persons,and awaken her or him with the very joy that you are both alive,another day a day when love can grow not wither on the proverbial vine of life.

Do you now take for granted that this love that once made you smile so hard your damn jaw hurt,is just a drudgery that you somehow think you must continue out of some duty you promised in times past.

Think very hard people of what the gift of true love brings to life,It’s the very essence of who we aspire to be as we grow up in the world,and yet as we think that it is ours to keep it can vanish while we are there standing next to it.

How many of us ever achieve and keep true love in our lives? A very small percentage¬†I’m willing to bet.

Some of us have it and don’t ever realize that It’s ours,we just keep looking as if it has somehow passed us by somehow.

I will tell you that if and when I find this in my life it will be the focal point to which all other parts of my life beg to give themselves to.

For me as an elderly translady not a day goes by when I don’t dream of having that warm body,that arm over me at night that comfort of seeing a smiling face looking back at me in the morning when I awaken.

This is a prize not often found by persons like me, it’s more like worst odds than the lotto.

Have I given up completely heavens no, I’m a wonderful girl with much to offer,and maybe one of the most passionate lovers on the planet.

But I urge those you who have someone to wake up to devote all that you should to that person,loneliness is not a place you really want to visit in life.

It was thrust upon me by virtue of losing my mate in the most horrible way, I came home from work to find her dead by her own hand. And yes I have heard all the little comforting things people always say in these circumstances, It’s not your fault,It was her choice,and many more, but how does ones heart really recover from this horrible tragedy over which you have no choice ?

Somehow I chose to go on even though I at first didn’t want to, I found some courage and inner strength to hold out a place in my heart for someone else to fill someday.

If you are out there and listening please reach out to this warm and loving heart that beckons true love.


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