Perfect Baby’s…

Perfect Baby’s Breath – Chapter 12

By: JamieLee1

Written on June 21st, 2012

Skip was not planning for Murial to answer the phone. He just wanted to leave her a message saying he was sorry, and how much he loved her.Now Marie was on the phone and she said: “I love you! My mother loves you! Please don’t do this! You promised me that you would help me and take care of me. You promised that you would help me become who I am supposed be. Please, Please. Skip!”

Skip said to Marie: I love you so much, and I loved your mother more than anything. I want you to know that!”

And then Skip hung up the phone, and sat down in his chair. He threw down a few more shots of whiskey. It has been three hours in this stand off with the police. He thought about his life over and over again. He thought about Murial and Marie. He then remembered a stupid poem that he had written years ago!

In a world of barbs and insults,
Where, hurt can live with pain.

There comes a time for healing,
To talk and laugh again.

Words were sent to harm you,
from lands with no control,

But now it’s time for closure,
to let the flowers grow.

Deep down it’s all a pattern,
repeating all the same.

Reflections, of each other,
in make up, and in name.

When nature’s highs are highest,
with no where else to go.

They drop down to the lowest,
and let the flowers grow.

In life there are always chances,
to, do the thing that’s right,

With each beside each other,
we see what’s in the light.

Give thanks to peace that’s given.

Learn all there is to know!

And walk carefully through the garden!

To, let the flowers grow!

He thought over and over again “Let the flowers grow! Let the flowers grow”

He drank a few more shots. NOW IT WAS TIME !!!!!!!!!! to end this standoff!

He slowly bent over the table and picked up his revolver. But instead of keeping it empty, he placed one round in the chamber, as tears started swelling in his eyes.

He slowly got up and walked towards the door and yelled, I’m coming out!

He slowly opened the door and stepped out, he held his hands high in the air with the revolver in his right hand! He heard on the loud speaker, Skip put the gun down! Don’t make us do this! Murial told us everything. It’s OK! We will get you the help that you need !!!!!!!!

Skip, heard over and over in his mind “Let the flowers grow” as he slowly lowered lowered his right arm and pointed his gun directly at one of the officers.

Immediately he looked down at his chest, and noticed five red dots dancing around his heart! He knew that there was probably more trained on his forehead!

He heard a siren swiftly approaching from a distance. As he took the gun and placed it on his temple! Over and over again he thought, let the flowers grow, as he began to pull the trigger !!!!!!! , and end his own life.

When he heard a voice come over the loudspeaker! It was Murial’s voice. Skip, I love you, please don’t do this! I want to marry you! I discovered that site on the Corporate Computer. I have read your stories; I know now why you wanted Marie to achieve her dreams so bad. She loves you too. Please we need you in our lives, it’s OK that you are who you are as a Transsexual. Please don’t do this!

Skip, backed his finger slowly off the trigger. He threw the gun on the lawn ten foot away and dropped to his knees, as tears were streaming down his face. He placed his hands behind his head. It was over.

A few of the Officers rushed him, and took him into custody! The placed him in the back of the Patrol car. As they did, he looked into Murial’s and Marie’s eyes as they were standing there, as he said I LOVE YOU!

They then drove off………


Jamie lee contributor.


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