The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath. Chapter Eleven

By: Me

Written on June 20th, 2012

Hello Skip,What kind of crazy thing are you doing you are all over the channel 5 news,for God sake’s man get a grip on yourself.I have been so pissed at you since my arrival back home and you having me arrested I could not even think of speaking to you,I could have been imprisoned for life and you certainly did not have my interest at heart you meant to add feathers to your hat in your career,what angered me most is the fact that you hurt little Marie so very badly,she looked up to you and loved you as a father almost as a God she cries and asks about you everyday,she has softened my heart and I must admit that In spite of all that has happened I love you too,and miss you deeply.Please Dear you have friends outside that door don’t do this,hang up the phone and call one of your friends and end this now,I know you will be taken into custody and sent for evaluation,But I will be there for you every step of the way as soon as you hang up I will leave and we will both be by side very soon my love,don’t worry anymore we are your family still,and I need you by my side to get this huge damn business in order again so we can begin anew working on Marie’s dream and our dreams as well darling We have so much to do dear you must stop this now and stay for us.Perhaps it will be a long road to get back to where we were in our lives but let’s at least give our love a chance to survive all it’s been through,you don’t need to worry about a job I need you here to be my partner in all parts of my life,I’m begging you sweetheart please stop this an be with us.What will it be my love will we see you die on the 5 news or will you defuse this horrible set of events you have set in motion.If you plan to go through with this a least say goodbye to Marie here She is please speak to her.Skips life hangs in the balance,what will he say to his little Marie,only Skip can answer that question now,It’s up to you now dear our feelings are known to you.


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