The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath. Chapter Seven

By: Me

Written on May 10th, 2012

Yes Murial’s heart was racing and she had to know why they had changed course and were headed back to India,and being liquored up she felt bold enough to ask,Marion why are we headed back toward India? with a shocked look on his face he quickly answered Oh some last minute business dear nothing to worry about.But you have no business holdings in India Marion,he stumbled on his words,and said oh the authorities had some more questions to ask about the raid,and they must return to the port of Kolkata and answer to them.
She knew he was lying she could see the puzzled look on his face when she began to ask questions.She finished her drink and said I’ll get us one more before we go to bed dear,there was know way this could be the romantic night they had talked of earlier,she had to find out what was up and quick they they were only two and a half days out of kolkata and she needed answers and fast, she fixed the drinks and put three of her sleeping pills in Marion’s to knock him out.
They finished their drinks and she said let’s go to bed dear and make love like we said,Marion agreed and they went to their suite.
the truth is that their relationship had been one of convenience for a few years now,it had gone down hill when she began to help Marie to become a girl and he hated her for it.
She had been having a secret affair with Marion’s vice president for some time his name was was Andrew (skip) Harden.
Marion quickly passed out when they reached the suite, and she rushed to the com. room and contacted Skip in an attempt to find out something about this sudden return to northern India.Skip said he couldn’t tell her a lot but there were certain accounts,Marion kept only to himself and he skip had never had access to them but he knew it was some thing very suspicious be cause the FBI had been poking around and asking a lot of questions now for some time and he was sure the company was under investigation.He also said he thought Marion was on to their affair and that he might be planning something to get back at them both.She told skip that she loved him and she was afraid something awful was going to happen,he tried to sooth her by saying she shouldn’t worry too much. but he too was worried for Murial,and Marie as he had come to know her (Marie) like the daughter he never had.They exchanged their I love you’s and said goodbye.
Murial went to bed and lay awake all night contemplating what she should do she was terrified thinking Marion may know what was going on with her and Skip,and she was afraid for little Marie especially  because Marion could barely look at her with out getting angry.
The next day arrive and everyone got up and had breakfast and went about the day as normal, evening approached and Marie ask to be excused to her room, as her parents filled their evening with their normal rounds of cocktails.
It was beginning to get dark and Marion and Murial were starting to feel the effects of the drinks and making small talk as they sat on the fantail of the yacht.
Murial was all the while worrying about what was going to happen when they reached Kolkata,and then out nowhere,she jumped from her chair and yelled to Marion what is that in the water dear,Marion got up to look over the rail and Murial with a huge push shoved him overboard,and stood there watching as he went out of site in the night,she couldn’t believe what she had just done she had murdered her husband and didn’t even feel anything,she waited a few hours and then notified the captain that she could not find her husband and ask if he knew where he might be? he said no but he would have someone look into it for her she thanked him and went to her room.Her thoughts were wild and crazy as it sunk in on her that she had really done this,she knew he would never be found and that a big change was about to take place in her and Maries lives,She would be taking over the reins of the company  and would soon enough find out what was going on with those secret accounts and she would now be free to have her love with Skip and be able to focus her search for Maries quest,but their would be some arrangements and things to do in the short term that would fill her days with a lot torment.She had to plan a funeral and appear all the while to be a loyal and grieving widow, oh how things had just made a huge turn in her life,she vowed to take the money made by Marion’s  bad dealing and put it into a research project to help Marie and girls like her to achieve the impossible dream they dreamed.

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