The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath.chapter Nine

By: Me

Written on May 21st, 2012

As Murial, approached the dock all she could think of was being in Skips arms and finally feeling some comfort after this horrible trip was finally at it’s end.
But who could these strange men be with him she just wanted to be alone with the man she so dearly loved,she and Marie ran up the dock Marie reaching skip first and throwing her little arms around him she felt like skip was her true father and she loved him also just as Murial did,he embraced her and lifted her small body into the air hugging her so firmly she could barely breath.As he looked at Murial standing there waiting to greet him.As she gazed into his eyes she was seeing an almost distant look not the happy to see you look she was expecting,Skip put Marie down and said please dear run along up to the house And see Nancy the house keeper she has a special surprise for you.As Murial approach him for her hugs and and desperately wanted kisses he pushed her away,saying Murial there is something you should know,I am a state police officer and you have confessed to a murder these men are here to take you into custody,for the murder of Marian.She glared at him thinking she was more betrayed by this man than she was by her husband,thinking very quickly she said why Skip whatever are you saying you know full well I told you Marian was lost at sea while he was so very drunk I was in my cabin at the time when he didn’t show up for some time I looked for him and notified the ships captain who assisted in the search, we turned around and searched for him and alerted the Navy cruiser nearby to help in the search nothing was ever found.Meanwhile skip was thinking my god this woman is throwing me under the bus she is not only a quick thinker but pathological as well,now his credibility would be called into question,Murial was taken into custody and booked for suspicion of murder in the disappearance of her husband Marion.She  immediately called the family attorney and told him what had happened and instructed him to have the corporate lawyers draw up papers removing Skip from any further dealings with Marion’s corporation.At the hearing the following morning the prosecuting attorney was at a loss to produce enough credible evidence to move forward with the case it was only Skips word of a confession that they had and that was his word against hers this would not hold up in any court there was no body and no other testimony that could corroborate Skip’s story.The judge Dismissed all the charges and Murial was released.She would immediately take charge of the corporate affairs of the cooperation villa the team of lawyers held in trust by the Corporation,a long legal battle was about to ensue,and Skip’s credibility was in question now as he had made these allegations against Murial which would not stand,All the while Murial was fuming, knowing now that he had deceived her for so long and what of her little Marie who loved him so, my god How could she ever explain this to her.Skip Had tried several times to contact Murial but she refused to have anything to do with him,what now for the future of the two girls they had been turned on by both the men who had professed love for them and Murial was at this time completely engulfed by the business she was trying to protect and their future’s,Geez now love only seemed more distant and unachievable than ever. where would their lives go from here?Their dreams for Marie seemed more distant than when this whole ordeal began.

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