The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath Chapter Fourteen

By: Me

Written on August 21st, 2012

When Murial suggested to Skip/Andrea that she head up the foundation and find the help needed to bring Marie’s dreams to fruition she was elated but bewildered as to where to even begin with such a monumental task,where would she even begin to find such scientific people,who would put their careers on the line for such a project,this has never been tried or even thought possible by anyone before.
She would drift off to sleep that night thinking about how and who she could enlist in this almost impossible project.All she knew was that if she could make Marie’s dream a reality it would make hers so as well.
Murial had already set aside a great deal of money toward the foundation so attracting well qualified people should not be a problem,she decided to contact all the best transgender surgeons in the country to in hopes of getting a few together to make a team to work on this project she sweetened the deal by offering to let them also continue to practice their trade through the foundation,as long as they agreed to doing at least one pro bono case each month.she felt that the foundation should be known for it’s giving to the transgendered community ,as well as it’s research toward the goal of finally being the first people to ever be successful in allowing a transgender to give birth for the first time ever.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Bab…

  1. A terrific tale Shelle and would that such a foundation could exist! Like so many of us, i would have loved to have carried and eventually given birth to a child of my own. Being a father is great, i love children, but somehow, to have been a mother would have made me complete.

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