The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath Chapter Thirteen.

By: Me

Written on June 22nd, 2012

Skip was subjected to some very intense therapy after his attempt at suicide,thank God he had Murial and Marie by his side.
Murial had been overwhelmed with her duties at at the Corporation she had never had to deal with her late husbands affairs before but she was doing her best and cooperating with the authorities to dissolve all the illegal ventures attached to the business by Marion what an evil bastard he had turned out to be,but she knew this for a while just by the way he treated Marie and this was his own flesh and blood. That was why for sometime she had been having her affair with Skip.As the shipping business began to again stabilize she noticed that along with his police investigation Skip had been making all the good business decisions for the shipping business while Marion was pursuing his flesh trading and drug smuggling affairs.That god for that or the business may have gone under leaving all of them penniless.
She really wanted Skip back there running the daily affairs again but knew that he could never be happy doing that again especially now that it was finally revealed that he was transgendered,why she wondered in their long affair had he not trusted her with this,was he so afraid of what she might say?She struggled with her new feelings about skip realizing that she was now in love with someone who wished to be a woman they had so very much to talk about now and so much to resolve in their new relationship,everything was different now.Her college degree in veteranary medicine certainly had not prepared her for running this huge shipping industry but she seemed to be getting a firm grip on things.the corporation was making more money than ever but her thoughts were always on Marie’s dream and now Skip and Marie would need the same help in life.With all they had gone through with the India trip and nearly been sold by her late husband she was at wits end how to pursue her sweet Marie’s dream,And then It hit her one night like a lightning bolt from the sky,She could set up a nonprofit foundation to research what both Skip and Marie both wanted and needed so desperately in their lives It make take years of research but at least they would be safe and it would be done in the U.S. and all legal,and she could appoint Skip to run the foundation giving her a great incentive to see it work and a new motivation for her life,yes this would be her gift of love to the new relationship,and to Marie’s dream of giving life one day.Could they both give her children in the future? would Skip accept this new challenge in life,or would she reject Murials gift of true love?

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