The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath – Chapter 8

By: JamieLee1

Written on May 17th, 2012

Andrew (Skip) Harden, was a very wonderful person. He was a very dedicated Vice President of the Cooperation! He was young and handsome. He was Marion’s right hand man for the last four years. He never planned to fall in love with Muriel. It just happened. And he loved her unconditionally!But there was something no one knew about Skip! Actually Andrew was an undercover State police officer, who was a part of a Reverse Sting Operation; his purpose was to gather information about Marion, his company and all his dealings. They had compiled so much information, that they were getting ready to take him down soon, and arrest him.

Muriel never knew that he was a cop! But Skip planned to tell her when the operation was over. And he also planned to ask Muriel’s hand in marriage! He loved her so much.

But now there was a serious problem and decision which he had to make!

When Muriel called Skip on the phone, she related what she did to Merion. That she was afraid that Merion was going to kill her and Marie. She chose in the heat of the moment to push Merion off the back of the yacht, he had fallen, hit his head on the fantail, and rolled into the ocean, disappearing our of site forever.

Skip understood that she didn’t know that he was a Cop. But now, this turned into a serious situation when Muriel admitted to him that she murdered Merion.

Skip usually didn’t drink, but tonight he was going to get plastered and think about all the options.

Should he help Muriel cover up the murder? Should he immediately withdraw all of Merion’s assets, which were in the millions, elope to a distant Island with, the woman he loved so dearly? Or did he have to honor the oath he made when he became an officer,
After all, with all the information he compiled about Merion in the past few years, would surely prove to any Judge and Jury, that it was a Justifiable Homicide, that Muriel was afraid for her an Marie’s life. BUT WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T!, and they put Muriel in jail. Marie would be without a Mother and he would lose the woman he loved so dearly!

Time was not on his side. He had to make a decision by tomorrow!

Mean while back on the Yacht, Muriel turn the boat around and headed home. It would take approximately two days.

The next morning, when she woke up, she looked at the bow of the yacht. There was Marie sitting a lounge chair. She had a very beautiful flowered sun dress on. Her shiny brown hair was blowing gently in the ocean breeze. This was the first time that Muriel truly saw how strikingly beautiful Marie was! And again she swore to herself that she would do anything to get Marie that operation, so she could be the complete woman that she deserved to be.

Muriel sat back and recalled a recent Court ruling in Argentina, Where they took two giant steps for transgendered equality. They passed legislation that both ensures insurance coverage for transition-related medical care and at the same time eliminates medical requirement for official recognition of one’s gender identity. The law, backed by President Cristina Fernandez, passed the nation’s Senate Wednesday by a vote of 55-0, with one abstention and a dozen lawmakers declaring themselves absent. The move by South America’s third most populous nation follows the course of neighboring Uruguay as well as others including Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, in providing for legal recognition of Trans people’s identities without requiring specific medical procedures or a burdensome and potentially arbitrary judicial process.

The new law begins by stating that all persons have the right to the free development and recognition of their gender identity and to be treated in accord with that identity in the way they are officially identified. The law creates an official administrative procedure where by any adult, or any minor with the support of their guardians, may apply to change their sex listed in the civil registry. Neither judicial approval nor proof of specific psychological or medical treatments is required. Hormonal and surgical treatment for transgender people – which previously often required a court’s approval – will now be freely available and must be covered by public and private health plans. Thus, the law reflects the principle that individuals should control both their own identities and their own bodies, and should neither have, unwanted medical procedures imposed on them nor have medically necessary ones denied.
This law reflects the hard work of Trans, and advocates in Argentina as well as the growing trend of recognition for Trans people’s identities and medical needs internationally.
Muriel sat back in her chair and began to cry! Why would God do such a thing to a child, and have them incarcerated in the wrong body? A child like this should be able to be free as a woman, and not have to wait to be free upon death! How tragically sad.!

Muriel and Marie finally arrived back to the United States, and as Muriel began pulling along side of the dock, she saw Skip, standing there with two other men. She couldn’t wait to run into his arms.

Jamie lee contributor.


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