Some thoughts about LOVE


We as Americans tend to romanticize  about love more than most cultures probably because of the way we grew up seeing it so glorified in the great movies of old and partly because it has permeated our culture by means of music and the influence of our biblical culture. we are somehow expected to fit into this lest we be judged as somehow deficient in the world.

Admittedly it has some powerful effect on how we see ourselves in the eyes of the world,or how the world see’s us back.

But the real truth is we so often get it soooooooooooooooooooooo wrong that our society has tended to get way out of whack nowadays. The rate of divorce being now over 50% it’s hard to perceive that we could possibly think we know a thing about the subject anymore or are at least very poor examples to go by. In the days of our elders it was revered as something so sacred that no matter what ,it was a glue that kept kept two people in tune with reality and family and and a place where your heart could always be safe.

Not so in todays world it holds no real gift of longevity it becomes some whim that can be tossed aside for pleasures that fill our immediate needs and pleasures in life, when the real truth is it our deepest desire to leap into the unknown  a place where we can’t take our ego  with us and make it succeed. No matter if we follow a religious belief we do have to adhere to something spiritual to make it a reality,and something that will last. I have chased this elusive dream for decades hoping against all that I am, that I would stick my finger through the brass ring and find that I was indeed the princess  kissed by the frog into eternal love. but alas I think it must have permanently eluded my life, I continue I guess to be the hopeless romantic thinking I still have a chance to find the person who will hold my hand in my final hour and know this thing we call true love.


One thought on “Some thoughts about LOVE

  1. It is not just America where we seem to have lost the meaning of true love but throughout western society as far as i can see. It is a tragic loss too but there are some who hold on and cling to the hope that romance is not dead and that true love still can be found so hang in there Shelle – you never know it could be just around the corner.

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