Updates to still here,and new news


The Person mentioned as hopeful from Craigslist,is now blocked from contacting me,after asking for a video chat and  then wanting me to disrobe for him.So much for that!!


In other news my platonic friend who is very much disturbed by the fact that I had a date with someone is  now actively trying to change  the parameters of our relationship,we have always had issues between us that prevented us from being in an intimate relationship and I told him as much as two years ago nothing could change that unless he was willing to seek therapy.On Thursday he had his first session with my therapist,I hope this will be helpful for him at least it says to me he cares more than he’s let on in the past,we will see what it brings to our future,I think some things at least for me are insurmountable,and that being friends may be as far as we can ever go,he gets kudos  however for at least addressing his own problems head on finally.


Finally I’m going to do something here I don’t usually do, I’m going to get a little political don’t usually but sometimes when things affect my own well being,I will speak out.I’m mostly at odds with the LGBT community I suppose with my political beliefs the vast majority of them are dyed in the wool Democrats or socialists who believe Obama is some sort of God who is their benefactor and walks in lock step with their every need.I am a Constitutionalist who believes strongly That we should have less government and that we should not live trillions of dollars beyond our means. I’m a senior citizen who has  been dependant on medicare for my health needs,beginning this year  my costs have skyrocketed Because of the huge cuts made to medicare by The ACA  and now upcoming on March 31 more cuts to health care providers that have medicare patients.As time goes on more and more gets cut from medicare to fund Medicaid under the ACA,I paid into the medicare program all of my adult life,and now it’s being compromised to fund a program that will help people who have never paid a dime and likely never will,I also paid into Social security all my life and now all you here is it’s a runaway program that’s breaking the country,Maybe if years ago they didn’t raid the fund and spend the monies on other things It might be more solvent today,no one ever says Welfare is running out of money as it continues to spiral out of control and is also being given to people who won’t or will never put a dime back into the system.But I digress my Oncologist informs me that new guidelines for medicare no longer will pay for Colonoscopies every two years but now every five years being a colon cancer survivor this doesn’t sit well with me,this is but a small sample of how my health is being compromised because of the ACA I have lost many such services and my costs are rising while I get less care,meanwhile the democrats hammer away at the theme that the republicans are pushing granny off the cliff,guess what not a single republican voted for the ACA,so who’s really pushing granny off the cliff.Finally I have had enough of the rising costs and diminished coverage,I took steps this past week to turn my health care over to the VA,not only can I now get a colonoscopy when I need one,but I have access to an ever-growing transgender service,they also showed me what poor quality my care is under medicare,I have been receiving blood pressure meds that are totally inappropriate for my condition, my doctor at the VA changed that immediately.I have now a new level of confidence about my health care. I predict that senior participation in the upcoming elections will remove hapless Harry Reid from his perch and our government might return to some level of normalcy.And maybe this lousy unread health care bill will be replaced with something that really helps people and restores medicare for the people who depend on it.





2 thoughts on “Updates to still here,and new news

  1. I don’t share any optimism the health care system (including Medicare) will be any better off any time soon. We simply have too many non producers in the system to keep carrying the load for all of them…plus the concerted effort to kill the middle class by such giants as WalMart has worked. So now we sit under a double whammy. My partner’s health care insurance went way up when Obama care kicked in…yet another boon doggle we are stuck in.
    I finally got fed up and joined the Libertarian Party.
    Enough politics…almost… O Bama has the chance again to offer the same rights to transgender service members as any American…will he? Hell no.

    As you probably recall, I have been under VA care since I lost my business in 2010 and they have literally been a life saver for me. Based on my SS benefits I have a co pay system. My only paranoia is how my VA coverage will interface when I turn 65 this year with Medicare.

    My friends recoil when I tell them I have always been treated with respect at the VA and they think somehow I’m not telling the truth. In fact my current primary care physician at the VA quite possibly is the best doc I have ever had in my life.

    • If my my first visit to the va is any indication I must say I’m more than impressed at the level of care and respect my doctor turned to be a woman a small lady of Korean descent she so made me not only feel comfortable but she alerted me almost instantly that I wasn’t being treated properly by my medicare Dr. she is available to me right here in Lafayette and that’s a huge plus I will have to travel to Indianapolis for my transgender treatment,and to Danville, Ill for some major medical stuff,overall I’m pleased with the way things are lining up,I can keep my own Oncologist but will no longer be encumbered by the medicare rules for my care the VA will work through her and order the treatment they feel I require. My cost for my medicare supplement increased by 18 times this year and my meds. went way up,as well as I now have a deductible that I can’t afford

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