Update on Firsts

download (1) download On October 24th I had my first ever mammogram.

I wasn’t sure at all what to expect having only overheard stories relaid by women I was around in my life, I had no idea what the procedure would entail or what the  machine really looked like.

I arrived early at the womens Clinic attached to St, Elizabeth hospital,checked in filled out my paperwork and waited anxiously for my name to be called.

The technician came out and took me back to dressing room where I was instructed to remove my top and put on a waist length gown and then enter the exam room,She had me sit down in chair and then went over my family history as related to any cancers, ask some personal questions  about my breasts. She then did a visual exam putting some adhesive markers on to show the position of any moles and some pasties on my nipples with steel bb’s on them.then it was up to the machine for the pictures of my breasts she did three on each breast in different positions,while I had heard stories that this was a painful thing I really only found it mildly uncomfortable they do squish them pretty flat and there is discomfort but it doesn’t rise to the level of painful in my opinion. The whole procedure took about 30 min. and I was on my way home being told I would receive  the results in about two weeks with further instructions if they needed to do further testing.

I am happy to report I got my results yesterday and was informed they did not find evidence of any cancerous tissue but did note that I have very dense breast tissue which makes it more difficult to find cancers by mammography alone and was advised to discuss this with my oncologist at my next visit.

So I say to those of you who have put this off get it done and save your life or at the very least take the stress off your mind,I am advised that I should return yearly for this and I will this is one of the most prevalent cancers to attack women and early detection can offer you more options than finding out too late.




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