The early makings of a girl on the prairie


Tonight as I snapped fresh green beans for the evening meal my mind harkened back to my youth when I spent my time growing and learning the womanly things that made farm life so excellent. I remembered the the incredible strength  that I witnessed from all the farm women I grew up admiring,they awakened in the dark and began their preparation of the breakfast meal long before the cows were milked and anyone considered eating anything. In most cases the life out here on the prairie, wasn’t much different than that of the 30s and 40s   we had a crank phone and knew the specific crank for our close neighbors,all other calls went through the operator.In many ways I guess getting in touch wasn’t as important to us back then,as was being in touch with life and who we were as a people.



2 thoughts on “The early makings of a girl on the prairie

  1. Technology and the way we use it have a lot to answer for. First television killed off the art of conversation and the playing of family games together like charades or board games. Now the I-phone has people even more insular. True, they are in constant touch with “ciber” friends but they wander around wearing earphones totally oblivious to the people and the happenings in their immediate vicinity. It is impossible these days to share a greeting such as good morning with someone, known or unknown as they remain focussed or should i say fixated with whatever the latest online “game” happens to be on their I-phone. Though shy in nature, i miss and lament the passing of those common personal greetings and brief exchanges about the weather or the government or whatever with fellow travellers or shoppers or passers-by. You are right, staying in touch was not so important to us as being in touch with life and our surroundings.

  2. ditto roxiefox. . . . the sad part is that in being so ‘connected’ many people will grow up & live their entire lives without real connection – and never even know it.

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