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transformationIt’s been a little over three years now since I began to be on hormone therapy to feminize my body and finally make it conform to a more likeable to me look.

There have indeed been tremendous changes that have taken place,some good and some not so good. It’s a journey that so many of us begin with great expectations of being changed from the miserable male bodies we inhabit to a more pleasant form that doesn’t repulse us when we look in the mirror.Certainly not all of us including me ever reach beauty queen status  but the changes are in fact very queenly to us.

At first the changes were very subtle but I think what I noticed early on was the calm it brought to my mind,I had no idea that this change would be so dramatic but for it I’m extremely thankful.

Now I’m going to get a little controversial,there are thousands of us out here doing HRT and for the most part we go to a private or government endocrinologist IE the VA to get our HRT and there seems to be a standard set of drugs that are prescribed for most of us It seems pretty universal over the main stream  with a few variations thrown in. I myself did endless hours of research before choosing the drugs I use,I think I’m probably more informed about these drugs than the Drs. who treat most of us let’s be real for a minute how many of you have ever ask your Dr. for credentials in their experience in treating transgenders? I’d be willing to bet most endo’s  do routine treatment of non gender variants and don’t specifically treat transgender’s. I’m sure my continuing research now approaching hundreds of hours and endless reading would rival most of them’s knowledge on the issue of HRT,I think most of them are just winging it in an attempt to do what they think is right but I would bet if you were to ask them informed questions they would soon be lost.(example; it’s standard practice in the U.S. to prescribe spirolactone as an anti-androgen) while this drug does have some effect in this area it was really a diuretic and blood pressure medication. I myself take a blood pressure medication which will not allow me to take this drug so I researched long and hard for some alternative that would work with my medication. I finally decided to use Cyproterone acetate (Androcur)It is not just an anti-androgen it was developed for use in prostate cancer and a drug used to chemically castrate men IE sex offenders.It not only shuts down the production of testosterone in the testes it also shuts  down the production in the hypothalamus.It comes however with some side effects,weight gain and loss of sexual desire as well as shutting down the production of sexual fluids. I don’t need to go into detail on that I hope.I know several persons who use the spirolactone who are able to continue to be sexually active and fully functional some of this is gone for me forever though I still have the desire and can be stimulated to orgasm,though the fluids are not there anymore. This has taken a while to happen but it is happening just the same.Also in most camps progesterone doesn’t usually get prescribed while it also blocks the production of testosterone it is shown to be of significant help in the growth of breasts in transgender’s. This is also part of my HRT.My Gp monitors my levels every three months and so far they are exactly at the levels of a Cis-gendered woman . I encourage that all trans-persons be monitored on a regular basis as many of these drugs can have harsh side effects.But please if you want great results question your provider and if they don’t have very sharp answers to your questions be leery about their experience and find out the answer to your questions. It’s your life,you will only have one chance to live it.



2 thoughts on “Soapbox Shelle

  1. That is all EXCELLENT information!
    Especially on being able to be matched with a good endo doc. I think at the beginning of my treatment through the VA, my doc was learning “on the fly” But recently, he has “picked up the pace” even asking me of my expectations for breast growth and recommending some new docs in Columbus doing some surgical procedures.
    Why? Because we are a growth industry.

    As far as “spiro” goes…speaking for myself…if a person can still have any sex on the dosages I’m on, they are younger than I (everyone is) or were a “hell of a man”. Spiro just happened to work for me because I needed a BP med anyhow.

    Progesterone is what I am really going to bring up to endo doc on next visit in Sept.
    On my first blood work with him, he said my T was so low, castration would be the next step and my “E” was at really good levels.

    I’m truthfully do not want or expect “Dolly Parton” girls…But with my size and torso, all the fashion guides say I need a “D” and I am pretty sure i won’t get much past a “C” on just Estro.
    Who knows, maybe the VA will approve breast implants during our life…just imagine how must fun that would be to get approved?

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