Update to Uphill and against the wind


Today I called my insurance provider about the approval for my HRT prescriptions as it turns out it was as easy as having my Dr. call and authorize the prescriptions.

My cost for these things was almost nothing compared to what I had been paying for example my estrogen cost me $1.15 for a months supply,Much cheaper than I had been paying through Inhouse pharmacy. The one hitch in all this is that I am unable to fill the prescription for my anti-androgen,I can’t use Spirolactone because of a drug interaction with my blood pressure medication so I have been taking cyproterone now for about three years.It is a very much stronger medication generally used to treat inoperable prostate cancer but a very good testosterone blocker also used as an agent to chemically castrate sex offenders,I can assure you it does indeed take your sex drive away,especially when combined with the progesterone and Estradiol. The reason my prescription for this can’t be filled is the drugs containing cyproterone acetate more commonly called Androcur,or Cyprostat,the one I take is the Generic brand Siterone much cheaper,none are approved by the FDA,although they are widely used in Europe and Australia ,and New Zealand. There are no U.S. alternatives to this medication so I guess I will have to continue to buy it offshore until it is approved by the FDA.

Well I think that covers my update for now,Hope this is helpful to some of you out there.




2 thoughts on “Update to Uphill and against the wind

  1. There does always seem to be a hitch but at least you are saving on the estrogenwhich is something positive!

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