Today I decided,to remodel here a bit,do some spring cleaning as it were,I was reminded in a not so kind way by a dear friend that she had designed and helped me get my blog here going,I do give her the credit due it was an act of great kindness I will never forget.

But it is time for sure to make it completely mine in design so for a day or two you may notice a few changes I hope you will see that they reflect me and my likes and you will find them pleasing.

Times change,people change, and slowly the world changes to a more accepting place for baby boomer transgender’s like myself and the many I have been so very lucky to share life with.

The slow steps society takes toward us are like the flowers of  an emerging spring,they give us hope and strength to keep moving down our path’s toward what ever sanity we can achieve in our ever evolving lives.

None of our path’s are the same but in the end they all lead to the same destination,inner peace at least we pray for that destination.Sadly some never do the path becomes too hard until they can’t take one more step.

It is not always easy but giving up will not get you there,persevere and you will be rewarded.


See you soon Butterfly


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