Cosmic Control or Just Coincidence


Today I made my second appearance at the court-house of my county,In the matter of changing my name and gender marker on all my legal documents. While this may be a non issue for some transgender’s it is an important one for me.

It will validate in all forms of legality that I am truly the person I claim to be,It also confirms in the minds of all who know me that my life is not a passing fantasy, that who I am is not going away ever.

It also ensures that when I pass I will not be interred as someone I never desired to be,and that my memory to the ever lasting will be as right as it can be.

As I walked this morning to the court-house,I had no real thought of the day that would be the legal birth date of Shelle Marie I was just focused on being on time and wondering how I would be looked upon by the Judge.

It was open motion hour and I had to wait behind several attorney’s before I could have my time before the Judge by the time they were finished and I got to make my plea for a final court date on my matter I had  established that the Judge was in a good mood and that he seemed a compassionate sort of man. I’m always nervous when I deal with the legal system as they really seem to be against the common person than for them.

I stood before him and in a soft voice said I am told I have to see you to get a final court date for my matter,he smiled at me and looked over my papers and set a date with the clerk for July 25 at 9:30 am before the magistrate ,I said the date was in fact fine  and said thank you so much  he smiled at me and said you are very welcome please take your papers to the circuit court clerk and file this with them I did and everything is now stamped and duly notarized,she made copies one for me and one to give the local newspaper for the notice of my request to be posted in the paper as required by law 30 days prior to my court date. This will pretty much out me on the grandest of all scales to everyone who has or will know me in the future,on this I could not care any more I should not have to fear being me from anyone anymore.

I walked home with a new sense of accomplishment,but it wasn’t until a couple of hours after getting home it sunk in on me that the day I would be re-born as Shelle fell on the birth day of my now deceased wife,was this some cosmic  crazy thing that just happened or just a coincidence,which ever it seems a little spooky,and yet somehow right.






One thought on “Cosmic Control or Just Coincidence

  1. Spooky indeed honey but undoubtedly a sense of correctness about it. I am very please for you that the day went so well and will be thinking about you on the 25th July – might even open a bottle of bubbly in your name that day assuming all goes according to plan.
    Love roxie xxx

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