April 24th 2013


April 24th was the one year Anniversary of my Fathers passing,I awakened to a gray, rainy, chilly day without any expectations of how the day would play in my life.

The day started as pretty routine I checked my E-mail and Facebook page did some Online shopping and then my usual housework and prepared for the day ahead.

A dear friend on the day before had given me a nice oak glass top end table to go beside a chair in my living room It cried out for a lamp but I didn’t have one so ask my friend if on the 24th we could go shopping at some of the many second hand stores in town and he said he would be over that afternoon.

I was in the bathroom preparing my self for his arrival when the phone rang It was my son someone I haven’t had a great deal of contact with in recent times since I came out to him as transgendered,the whole thing put a pretty big strain on our relationship I knew it was very hard for him I pushed the issue pretty hard at first and seemed to get nowhere with it and so decided to just give him time and space to process all this in his own way.(One of the greatest fears for transgender people is losing friends and family when you finally decide to open this information to the public and begin living as who you really are.) On this day however he let me know that I was still important to his life and that he was ready to make sure we could spend time together and that he was willing to accept me as I am,a huge break through for us.We had a wonderful talk that day and spoke of getting together often and going out to dinner soon,needless to say I was very pleased by our talk and wondered if that it was the day and the memory of my now missing father that had spurred this in his heart,he knows that the day will come when I too will be in the sad memories of deceased loved ones we gather as life goes by.

I finished getting ready for my outing and then watched my Soap while waiting for my friend to arrive. He arrived and our quest to find the perfect lamp began,our first stop Trader Bucks, don’t really know why we picked it but the most amazing thing happened when we walked in he headed for the back of the store and I seemed to be guided by some strange force to turn right and start my looking in the front of the store I walked straight to a lamp sitting on a shelf as if it had magically called me there and there it was the perfect lamp for my table I had found it in under a minute and the price was so right.Image Only $10.99.

I grabbed it up and got a cart as I knew I couldn’t stop shopping in under a minute there was nearly a half acre of store to peruse yet. We must have spent two hours looking through all the booths and of course I found things I couldn’t escape without making them mine,Everyone who knows me knows I love anything butterfly OMG I found all manner of these there that day ,I will show them and more of my collection to you now,ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The cast iron trivets were a great find as I had very few butterflies in my kitchen,set of six a dollar a piece also the vase hardly ever find those. well after all this shopping we had to stop on the way home at the grocery for some dinner items and a three way bulb for the lamp,as we finished up there and I was on my way out there by the exit stood my son and daughter in-law waiting to see me. we had a wonderful chat and exchanged hugs and I left thinking what a wonderful day this had turned out to be was it my Father sending me his love from his place in Heaven,I will always think so I LOVE YOU DAD.



One thought on “April 24th 2013

  1. What a wonderful day Shelle – i am so happy for you to be reconciled with your son and his wife. Your stars are aligning and maybe your dad has a hand in that too!
    love roxie xxx

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