New development

ImageA couple of months ago I wrote a story about my “insomnia” and now wish to add some updated info on my story.

I had relayed to my doctor on more than one occasion that my lack of being able to get a good night’s sleep was affecting my life in lot’s adverse ways.We tried  first with a prescription of Ambien a widely prescribed sleep inducer which is habit forming something I didn’t feel comfortable with from the git go,especially with my past history of drug abuse years ago I know I am one of those persons who can easily become dependent on drugs,and or alcohol.It took my years of struggling to finally overcome those things and I have no desire to go back. As it turned out the Ambien left me feeling very drowsy and hung over in the mornings and I ask my doctor for something else that would be not habit forming and leave me with these side effects,on the advice of someone who was once my dear friend I ask for Trazodone,It offered me some mild relief and really had no bad side effects and I use it still today.Still though I wasn’t sleeping through the night like I should and this was effecting my daily routines and my relationships with others.

Being A transgendered woman on hormone therapy now for a little over two years I decided to go back to my research and see if there was something in all that which could unlock this sleep mystery for me.Turns out there was,and it was so simple I couldn’t believe it.For last couple of years I had been on the same routine of getting up having my breakfast and then taking my medicines as it is recommended to take most with food,and it seemed like everyday I shortly felt the urge to go back to sleep. I’ll explain I am one of a very few I think transwoman who have also added progesterone in the form of Prometrium to my regimen  because it helps greatly in the formation of breast tissue especially the nipples and areola,all research I was able to find showed adding it was to mimic the hormones of a teenage girl in puberty. Well low and behold when I looked it up to do more research I found out one of the side effects was that it caused drowsiness and should therefore be taken at bedtime,I began doing this along with my sleeping pill about ten days ago,and like magic I fall asleep in about ten minutes and sleep straight through till early morning.

So if any of you girls out there are using progesterone this may be a big help to you whether you are trans,or cis gendered.

Hope this helps someone like it helped me.



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