Recognizning Reality

385756_293575184080368_2014339406_aI think it is time for society to recognize that transgendered people in society  should not be defined by a book that labels us as having a mental disorder,but by the real truth which is that we suffer from a real birth defect.There is sufficient scientific data and  enough studies now that all concur with each other, that our condition is predisposed by conditions that take place prior to birth.It has been assumed by the psychiatric community for decades or even centuries now that we are driven by some life choice and not by any scientific evidence to the contrary.

For decades now in order to get the help we need with our condition like hormone replacement,which has been a huge blessing to me and I’m sure thousands of others we,have had to subject ourselves to seeking therapy where we are diagnosed by the DSM(Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders)As being Gender Dysphoric,while they recently softened the language in the new version we are still thought to have a mental disorder,we have to follow their guidelines if we are to seek any remedies to our condition up to and including sexual reassignment surgery. I reject their assessment that I have a mental disorder when scientific studies have over and over shown clear evidence now that what causes our condition is chromosomal in nature.

I have had many conversations with Gay men in positions of authority in the LGBT(QIAA) the alphabet continues to grow,community that rebuke these studies,I think mostly because it discounts their long standing argument that their condition is also a fact of birth not life style choice. The studies paint a very different picture however. I should however state for the record that while I think their condition is life choice driven I have no problems with anyones gender choices in life it’s a personal choice and I hold no prejudices in the matter I just don’t feel they are in the same group as transgendered persons, in this matter.The studies have shown that their chromosomes mimic that of the cis gendered male or female  counterparts in the study, which shows that they indeed have normal chromosomal patterns not different,as MTF and FTM transgenders which  mimic that of the sex we identify with in life.

What is my point in all this you might ask? Simply that it is my belief,that groups like The National Center for Transgender Equality,instead of pandering to the psychiatric community and the LBGT(QIAA) should instead be focusing their emphasis on finding a way to diagnose transgenders through medical born tests instead of through a group in society that considers us mentally disturbed,I think that would lead to a better understanding of society about who we are as well as change the way we are able to get help for our condition which is indeed more medical in nature than mental,not to say that the way we have always been perceived by society hasn’t in fact been the cause of some mental distress for most of us in life getting rid of this mental disorder brand might go a long way toward having those conditions disappear,and the need for unnecessary therapy.I believe that a medical diagnoses in conjunction with therapeutic counseling might be a more dignified approach  to treating transgenders than the current antiquated system we use today,and may lead to a better more softened way that society views us as human beings.

While I believe that for the younger generation things are not only more accepted but treatment has been made more readily available to them due to a better understanding of the condition and the more liberal approach society takes toward gender issues in general. In my generation however we were looked at in a much different way more as freaks or degenerates than human beings,for this reason many or most I would say learned to be ashamed of ourselves and unable to embrace the true persons we were,we often withdrew from ourselves thinking that there was something truly wrong with us when in fact there was just no societal understanding of our condition at the time,however this drove many of us into the need for therapy and even substance and alcohol abuse as well as having other needs that could not be met by society at the time,be that as it may I would certainly be amenable to offering myself for any medical research that might help develop a medical test to diagnose our condition in a more humane way than through some mental health confines.

A lot still needs to change in order for people to see and understand the true nature of our condition but if we never cast out the wrong way of doing things we will never be truly able to be seen for what we really are just people the same as everyone else with a medical condition that can be treated.



One thought on “Recognizning Reality

  1. I agree, Shelle. I am a nonop ts (shemale) living and working full time for the federal government in a critically sensitive position. I am very well accepted, respected in my work place with over 700 employees. ( I know my shit and am very professional.)

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