The Wookie effect


I think some of my transgender friends out there will be able to relate to this story,especially those whose genetics blessed them with a little more hair than they desired in life.

Most normal people who know a transgendered person do not likely give much thought to the level of work it takes on a daily basis to keep that feminine look pulled together,especially if you go out in public very regularly,along with the regular places women have to shave we have a lot more area’s than just those there are of course the hands,the chest and abdomen, and the face which when you deep shave it can become even sore at times,then there’s the dreaded back a place I have struggled with,even gone to the length of trying to build my own device to help with the places I couldn’t reach. Like taping a razor to my bamboo back scratcher while that worked okay it still leaves you with  that prickly feeling in a day or two, then by chance I found the most wonderful device at bed bath and beyond  It’s great for the back and the legs     and I use it on my hands as well it’s not quite as close as shaving but doesn’t leave you with that stubble like a razor either I got it for $19.99 and it’s become one of my favorite weapons in the fight against the Wookie effect,It’s called the Mangroomer  professional but I think they should have named it the trans-groomer.

yours till next time



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