Blending In

I had occasion yesterday to spend a day in a very busy tourist spot.It was teaming with people from I imagine almost everywhere,for the average person this is just another day in life.

As turns out it was just another day for me as well,I walked along the busy crowded streets with my friends completely oblivious to my once frightening expectations of what others were seeing,I got no odd stares or looks of contempt from those people in the crowd,I just walked along noticed only as another face in the crowd.

In years past I would have been very much on edge and constantly worrying, about what everyone else was thinking when they walked by me,would they laugh point me out,and draw attention to me making me feel freakish. All this used to be ever present on my mind when I went out in public view as a woman,but times and the world have changed around me,as well I have done a lot to change me too. I have learned to put away my fears and replace them with a confidence  and that reflects back on me,people sense your fear and when you exude confidence in yourself that too is sensed.

Fear is such a powerful part of every ones  life,we all start out as young adults in life with more of it than we really need but for us transgendered folks we get a heaping helping it seems,and we seem to learn to just keep piling it on as time goes by,never really stopping to just know we are just as normal as everyone else,we burden our lives with fears about what others think of us endlessly.

The best thing we can do for our selves in life is to just put a boot in ass of fear and kick it out of our lives,I think this works not just for us but for all people being a teenager is a life filled with fear too,we are just as conscious of acceptance at that part of lives too.

I’m aware now that my past was just a story,and now told it has little power over my future.I have no desire to look back at it I lived it doing the best I could with the information I had.

I feel like just another flower in the garden now no less pretty than any of the others surrounding me,Blending is a beautiful thing and I have come to love the fact that I can.



2 thoughts on “Blending In

  1. You are right Shelle – it is all about confidence and while confidence is a wonderful thing, it can take a while to gain the confidence we need to venture out as our true selves. I have always found that being bold and looking people in the eye rather than trying to be evasive, is enough to gain acceptance and these days i rarely attract unwanted attention.

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