A sigh of relief

As a transgendered person I have spent long years in anguish finally getting to the point of taking that major step that finally breaks you free of the strongest of the bonds that hold you back from living as a normal human being. That being finally allowing all that know you to find out exactly who you really are,for what ever reason It seams my generation is particularly troubled by this part of the transition and so much fear tends to drive our lives away from doing what needs to be done to set us on a course that will finally free us and enrich our lives and finally make us able to see life in it’s true beauty.

I had been urged by many to begin the process of outing myself for years but just kept pushing it off and living with the fear which only served to torment me further,quite by accident one day my cousin,a girl cousin that I had always been close to somehow figured out that I had two separate internet Identities,of course she could not stand it until I finally confessed to her what was going on in my life. Gripped with fear at the fact I had just spilled the beans to a family member I anxiously awaited her response.It was very positive,and I began a long conversation with her about who she felt would be safe members of my family to start my outing with.

As it turned out the whole process went very quickly and very smoothly my deepest fears in life were for the most part completely unfounded,what fool I felt like at being afraid for so long  when I could have just as easily begun this whole process much earlier in life and missed out on a lot of grief I put myself through unnecessarily.

It’s been many months now and gradually more and more of my friends and family have become a loving part of my life and very supportive of my life in general,I can finally take that sigh of relief and just live as me without the burden of fear always pushing my life back instead of forward as it should be.



2 thoughts on “A sigh of relief

  1. Sooo happy for you Shelle!
    Fortunately it looks as if the current younger generations accept gender layers much easier if their elders don’t stand in the way!

  2. Wonderful Shelle, i am so happy for you and feel sure that by sharing this you may well stop others of us going through the same anguish you suffered before finally taking the plunge.

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