The yoke


Too long I struggled pulling hard against the yoke that was the burden of my life,and now my body worn I am released.

I stand now looking out at a new horizon,finding that there is still time to find happiness and comfort in my days ahead all the bonds cast off now and my mind clear in purpose I feel renewed in life once more.

I lay peacefully basking in the sun of a new era in my life,an exciting Chapter yet to be written,and comforted by the love of my friends and family.

I no longer feel the pain in my mind,but see only the candle in the dark leading me to a new dawn.

The treasure I have sought so long is mine,I will not hoard it like a queen in her castle cold,but spend it freely and frolic in it like a child in it’s youth.

No time is left to look back and feel the pain I lived so long,now is the time to live out those dreams I dreamed all those years.

I have birds to see and hear,and much love to offer.

Life has emerged from the death of my burden,and given me new hope.

I walk leisurely down my new path with a smile to share with all I encounter.

I have been given much and desire to give much back.

Metamorphosis is mine,the butterfly has emerged and drys her wings in the warm sun of of a new day.

She will fly now living like all before her seeking beauty and following the sun.

Life is good and it is mine too live no one can deter me now,I have tasted the nectar of freedom.



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