Chapter Two of Dr.Jekyl and Miss Hiding “The lay Of the land”


I begin today by telling of my birth place, and something about the the state it’s located in.


This is the heart of my downtown,nestled in the rolling hills of the Wabash River valley,the sister city on the north west bank rises up onto the home of the Wea plains Indians an area that is now home to Purdue University a vast and prestigious institution with now about 40,000 students and some of the finest research facilities in the world.

On our side of the river we were in the early years dominated by the agricultural area,that the pioneers and General William Henry Harrison  removed from the native Indians of the plains surrounding the town,which was built on a major trade route to the west,we were part of the Wabash and Erie canal system which funneled trade goods Via lake Erie to the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. As the industrial age began we remained a major trade route by virtue of the Monon railroad “the Hoosier Line” which was headquartered here in Lafayette,It had a main line that connected Louisville,Ky. in the south to Dear born station in Chicago, Ill. It also had a secondary line that was formed in the rolling hills of southern Indiana Home to vast strip mines producing the coal needed for the Steel mills in Gary and Hammond  on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, this line also ran through Indianapolis and north through the flat land where the Highest yields of corn and soybeans in the world were grown.Certainly the influence of this railroad in our town spawned industry that would augment our agricultural interests. and the town also became a major factor in manufacturing war materials in the second world war. Gears and aluminum goods vital to the war effort. This is where I come into the story of Indiana,at the end of that long war in the late 40s. now that we have established where I came from our next Chapter will begin with my early  childhood memories.

Until then Farewell Butterfly


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