Ask and you shall recieve


For some time now I have belonged to a couple of transgender dating sites,and no no one has found me to be so attractive or like able to that I am able to leave the sites yet.

But after being there for some years now I found that a large number of divorced men are seeking the company of a transgendered woman.

Being the curious girl that I am I began to ask those who approached me why they as straight men were seeking transgirls.

I recently ask of a man from Ga.  “If you don’t mind me asking why are you as a straight man interested in someone like me”

I received this honest and insightful answer from him.

They are more feminine, more in tune with a man’s interest, take better care of themselves and their man. And they understand that men aren’t perfect and DO make mistakes.

Out of all I have ever asked I don’t think I ever got a better answer.

I guess it is true what my mother said,if you want to know something ask questions.



3 thoughts on “Ask and you shall recieve

  1. Shelle, I think it is wonderful you have had response from dating sites!
    Indeed I believe we have discussed my successes in finding two dear friends doing the “sites”!
    I too heard several of the male comments concerning the positive attributes of trans women. I wondered then why more males didn’t reach out to me and when they did would either stand me up or go out on one or two dates and disappear-only to resurface months later.
    Last night during a deep discussion with a good genetic gf , she told me it was normal male behavior!

    I guess my problem is I try to judge males from my past experience which just doesn’t work (:

    • It seems we both encounter similar behavior from men,I have one who likes my company but wants no part of a commitment to me,It seems he wants the goodies but doesn’t want any involvement beyond that. sadly for him he get’s nothing but a good meal from me and my company. anything else would require some commitment.

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