For most of us,this just a routine part of life that simply just works out without a hitch,but if you are transgendered it’s not so simple.

I think most of us agree that Identification is key to many,aspects and activities in life,especially in today’s we don’t trust anyone environment.Getting on an airplane can be hard enough with the proper ID,but imagine if you will that your ID says male but because you are truly female and dressed as such,hold on honey you will miss that damn plane every time.

And travel outside the country would be virtually impossible,and imagine that every time you do anything that requires ID and you pull it how and the person looks at you like you came from hell to ravage the world and upset the order of things.

While there are avenues that allow you to change your name and gender on your ID,they are not the easiest roads to travel.

Personally I feel if you have been clinically diagnosed as being of the other gender that should be enough to get the job done.

But no,you are required by LAW to show papers from a doctor that prove you have completed sufficient genital mutilation to fulfill their requirements

I submit that this007

is sufficient and permanent body mutilation to meet any requirements they should want.

furthermore I have medical proof that I am chemically castrated,and unable to function as a male,by the use of this drug……..


Siterone tablets 50mg contain cyproterone, an antiandrogen that blocks the biological effects of androgens like testosterone, and are used to treat prostate cancer and reduce sexual aggression in men, also to treat severe signs of androgenisation like hirsutism in women; and for transgender hormone therapy.

Siterone general information

What is Siterone used for?

Siterone tablets 50mg are used to treat prostate cancer, a tumour that is dependent on androgens (male hormones like testosterone) to grow. Siterone tablets 50mg are also used to reduce sexual aggression in sex offenders. In women with severe signs of androgenisation (overproduction of androgen), Siterone tablets 50 mg are used to treat hirsutism (unwanted hair) and androgenic alopecia (hair loss) both caused by excess androgen production. Siterone 50mg can also be used, in conjunction with oestrogen supplements as part of the feminisation process for male to female transsexuals.

How does Siterone work?

Siterone tablets 50mg contain cyproterone, which is an anti-androgen that blocks the biological effects of androgens, like the male hormone testosterone, on cells containing androgen receptors. Prostate cancer is an androgen-dependent tumour, which means that it needs testosterone to grow. Cyproterone in Siterone 50mg binds to the androgen receptors on the tumour cells blocking the action of testosterone, which then cannot bind to the cells and stimulate the tumour cells to grow, thereby protecting the prostate from the effect of androgens. Siterone tablets 50mg block biological effects of androgen on other cells with andogen receptors, such as reducing the production of male hormones in the testes, which reduces aggression and increased sex drive (hypersexuality), caused by over-production of testosterone. Women also produce some androgen but in much smaller amounts. However, some women produce too much testosterone and this can cause hirsutism (unwanted hair), acne and/or seborrhoea (greasy skin from too much sebum) and androgen-dependent alopecia. Siterone tablets 50mg inhibits testosterone production in these women, reducing these unwanted effects. Blocking the effects of androgens is also a means of promoting feminisation in transgender hormone therapy for male to female transsexuals.

But apparently having breasts and being non functional as a male is not enough to satisfy the hunger of society in this matter.
I’m sure if I dress as woman and walk down the street with my breasts exposed I would certainly be arrested,even though my ID says male.
But in order to have my ID and Gender match who I really am I must at least be castrated,and spend thousands of dollars doing it.
I think this is most unfair,some of us live on fixed incomes and can’t really afford this if they require it shouldn’t they pay for it in these cases at least.
And what of FTM transsexuals they have to come up with enough to remove their breasts at  minimum. The damn LAWS are just unfair in this matter and need to be reexamined.
I am  Shelle I will die Shelle and I see no reason why I can’t be properly Identified as who I am. I’m not nuts because I want to be nuts you society make me nuts. the world must really smell like shit where most of you are because you have your heads up your collective ass.

2 thoughts on “IDENTIFY YOURSELF

  1. As ever Shelle your words are well chosen and tell the truth about the issues we face. As one who travels a lot, especially internationally, i am particularly frustrated by the need to dress as a male when travelling. Even if i wear male outer clothes over my female underwear, i get singled out these days in part because of my breast size and recently had to go to a cubicle, remove my bra and put in through the metal detector on its own – all in a very crowded airport. I asked why they did not have every natural woman remove their bra in this manner as this was discrimination only to be told men don’t wear bras to which i felt like replying that i was not a man but where would that have got me? It was easier just to accept the embarrassment. We really do need to change these antiquated and discriminatory laws.

    • I was sure this would have great meaning for you Roxie and that you would agree that something,needs to be done I’m sorry about the graphic nature in which I had to make my point but it’s high time we say these things our rights are as important as anyone else’s.

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