For many Months I have considered the prospect of having a book published about my life,I guess mainly because a close friend of mine is doing this.

But after considerable thought  on the issue have decided strongly not to do so,firstly there is really nothing so unique about my journey,that sets me apart from most of the girls my age who have struggled through most of the same things I experienced along my 64 year trail.

I have no strong desire to make out like I’m better or more learned than any of my piers in the transgendered world,I’m just a regular girl,with maybe some great short stories that I can share with you all here,and I intend to do just that.

But certainly I don’t feel so damn famous in my life that I should expect people to have a desire to read some long litany about how I have lived out the most wonderful journey through the transgendered world,indeed I haven’t But I have my own unique stories that may entertain you along your journey in life,and I will share them as they come to mind from time to time.


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