Love,Just look deeply into it.


Love,is just a small word,but it conjures up so many different and yet very strong emotions and thoughts in us all as we go through life seeking to have our tastes of this human gold.

It can cause us to soar,for distances we never imagined we could soar,or it can cut us like the two edges of a sharp sword.

It can start like the explosion of a million fireworks,and die as quickly as we do at the end of our lives.

It can blossom like the warm days of spring,and end like the blizzard on the frozen plain.

It can be as real as the air we breath,or as vague as our understanding of quantum physics.

It can be unconditional,or end up with so many conditions it morphs into hatred.

When it is given from the heart,it comes back to fill your heart and then be given again,we should all give it freely,to as many as we can.

It can be life’s best blessing,or a curse that takes life away slowly like a cancer.

It can be given to Family,to friends to pets,to God,and yes even to strangers,and never make us poor,but only richer for having given it.

We can give it to ourselves,but only in small doses lest it consume our ability to give it to those around us who have need of it’s comfort more than ourselves.

It is a powerful elixir with magical ways of changing people and the world around us.

it can be like the warm summer night fragrant and soft to the senses,and yet turn into the coldest night of winter leaving our insides twisted like a rope ready to break at any second.

It can be fleeting,or it can stand the test of time like the mighty oak tree.

It can make us richer than the richest of all,or leave us so poor and empty we lose the will to go on.

It can make our hearts laugh,it can make us cry with joy,or leave us crying out in pain.

It can answer our dreams,or bring us untold nightmares.

It can heal broken hearts,or break them into.

It’s a powerful thing this human gold We call LOVE we should always give it,but we must be careful to nurture it,once it is given.



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