Observations of a Butterfly


I am an advocate for the transgendered community,and while I realize that they are included in the alphabet soup of the LGBT umbrella It is my feeling that we are really here in that bowl of soup LGB     T

for the most part we have never received much mention or help for our causes from this group traditionally we have been left out of most of the discussion on the pertinent issues that truly effect our particular group per-say so while I support many of their issues like same sex marriage and health care where they need and deserve it I feel little allegiance to the group as a whole.

I would rather support the National Center for Transgender Equality,I will continue to support the LGB in this their fight for equality but I feel quite left behind by them in my quest for the things so vital to transgendered people, It is time for us to begin changing things by being hands on and running for office in the local, state and federal government.

Please don’t think me uncaring for them but I think the transgendered community has more pertinent  needs than they do  their agenda has little to offer trans people in the end,while we gain some ground by being united in their cause I think we need to push hard for our own interest here.We are far behind them on the ladder of accomplishments and need to advocate much harder to catch up,In my opinion.

Just some thoughts from a Butterfly


2 thoughts on “Observations of a Butterfly

  1. I have never thought about this much until now but realise there is a lot of truth in what you say. I agree that the only way forward is for us to grasp our own nettle!

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