Shelle’s Shame

I love where I live

This is a true story about my failures as an advocate reporter,I write this story with my head held down and feeling ashamed of myself for not being an honest and factual reporter in some of my reporting in the past few months.

I am subscribed to many advocate,sites that send me news clips and information,regarding many important issues that face the LGBTQ community. Much of which I took at face value and reported as fact giving false hope sometimes when I should really have been fact checking my stories.

I do not apologize however for believing in the things I want for us all not only here in the U.S.,but Internationally as well.

In recent months A very dear friend of mine ask that I take over some of the load on her news site as she was busy with lots of person things that needed her attention,I happily said I would.

Being very much of a zealot toward our cause I began to report without question things provided by some of these pro-LGBTQ sites.Over the past few months of a very bitterly fought presidential campaign, I wanted to see just what the real facts were and began to investigate,and found many of the things I reported as facts were not really so but things which had been spun in a way that I wished to believe. I am guilty of the worst thing a real reporter could do and that’s not checking the facts before I reported them.

I feel that I owe it to my readers to go back through all of this information and show the truth or at least both sides of stories I may have favored because of my beliefs as a transgendered person and advocate.

To all of you who believe in me be sure that I will correct anything that I have over zealously reported as fact.

Please continue to trust your loyal reporter,And believe this will not happen in the future.

Shelle Marie


One thought on “Shelle’s Shame

  1. You will still have my support Shelle honey – the old saying “don’t believe everything you read in the press” is certainly true and at least you have found out, albeit the hard way. Coming clean is a brave thing to do and in my book restores your credibility and certainly my trust in you which was never really in doubt.

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