The on going story of Dr. Jeckyl and Miss Hiding

To begin this story we will take a trip back in time to 1940s rural Indiana.ImageThis is the time period when this young person was born,It was very rural America,we had few luxury’s  most of everyone’s days was filled with very hard work about which no one ever complained, it was just simply the way life was and no one new it could be different in those days.We just accepted that the wonderful meals cooked on the wood stove and the closeness of sitting gathered together around the pot belly coal stove in the evening after the meal,listening to the news and a couple of radio shows,were the true comforts life was supposed to give us.knowing each new day would bring the same hard work as the day before,with even chores that young children were expected to fulfill as soon as they could walk almost.Before my memories of working on the farm I remember the sounds and the smells, these are still triggered today with a ride in the countryside.One dark memory still haunts my mind to this day it was the sound of the grandfather clock making it’s loud never ending tick tock all night  it frightened me then just as the passing of time still frightens me,I feel I will never get done all that I must get done before my time here is time I will tell you of the beginnings of my real memories those which will start the life of Dr. Jeckyl and Miss Hiding. until then I bid you farewell.

JOSEPH F. ILES, 84, Floyds Knobs, formerly of Lafayette, died Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at his residence.
He was born on August 15, 1927 in Montgomery County, Ind. to the late Claud and Mary E. Kemble Iles.

This was my Father.

  • ID: I007332
  • Name: Patricia Jean Medley
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 12 OCT 1930 in Buffalo, IN 1
  • Death: 26 OCT 1989 in Cocoa, FL 1
  • Residence: Litus, , FL 2

    Father: William Riley Medley b: 2 JUL 1881 in Sparta, Van Buren Co., TN
    Mother: Iva Inas Reprogle b: 24 JUN 1891 in Sterling, Schuyler Co., IL

This was my Mother


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