It’s getting better now

For those who transitioned years ago, it was often
a danger to do anything but move to another
community and begin new lives. The pressure to stay
in the closet about a gender transition could become
almost as oppressive as the pressures they once felt
to hide their true genders. But with a newfound sense
of community, more and more transgender people
are choosing to live openly and disclose to others
their unique stories.
In the past, there were fewer safe options for people
who felt confined by the traditional understanding
of gender as “either-or.” Today, there are more and
more people who choose to identify as neither male
nor female and who express their gender in less
traditional ways.
Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum of
transgender identities, you are on a journey that is
uniquely yours and that is ongoing. It’s one that can
unfold at your own pace and that gets easier with
Living openly and authentically doesn’t mean that the
sole or even primary aspect of who you are is your
gender identity or expression. It just means that this
part of your life is as natural and acceptable as your
eye color, your height or your personality.
But it’s not just about you. Living openly teaches
others that there’s more to gender than they
might have ever known. It paves the way for future
generations of transgender youth to live better lives.
And it shows others, especially those who are biased
or judgmental, that their attitudes are theirs alone.
Almost every day, you will face decisions about
where, when and how to disclose that you are
transgender — or where, when and why not to.
Always remember, this is your journey. You get to
decide how to take it.


2 thoughts on “It’s getting better now

  1. You are so right. Only by being collectively bold and by being true to ourselves can we ever expect to satisfy our own desires for acceptance and make the path easier for those who follow in the future.

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