The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath.

By: Me

Written on May 3rd, 2012

The story begins with the birth of a son to Mr.& Mrs. Marion Helms,The helms were married late in life after meeting in Denmark,some 4 years ago while Marion was was on a cruise on his lavish and very large yacht.Marion was 30 at the time and Murial was 28 It was a spring fling and they both fell in love in days,and were married before leaving Denmark to return to Marion’s home in the UP of Michigan.He was very wealthy and owned an Island in the UP with a lavish home,the yacht was big enough to travel the world.
Now after 4 yrs.of marriage they would finally have a child being a bit older they thought it may not happen at all for them,Marion being very proud to finally have a son could not resist but to name the child after himself Marion Howard Helms Jr. Life was pretty secluded,for Murial and little Marion on the Island,Mr Helms was away a lot tending to his large shipping company that delivered commodities and goods to hard to reach areas in the great lakes region.Young Marion would some day be heir to this huge company and the rather large fortune his father had amassed.
Since he and his mother were some what isolated there at the mansion Young Marion was home schooled and not around children except for occasional trips with his mom to the mainland of Michigan. his mother noticed that young Marion was not displaying the features of a boy but seemed very feminine,she was open minded and thought little about it at first but Marion senior was none to pleased at this,he felt it put him in a bad light with his peers,and business associates.
Murial seemed very happy to encourage Young Marion in his being a girl and they began to call him Marie at about age 10,and by this time all vestiges of the boy were gone,and Marie was a full time girl her mother deciding to get all the proper medical help to make Marie a real girl,when Marie was in her teen yrs. she used to gaze out her window thinking how she would love to have a baby she told her mother of this and her mother said that when she was 18 they would begin to search the world for a Dr. who could make this dream a reality,they did find a man who claimed he could transplant the entire reproductive organs of a woman into a person born a male and make it work. but this so called Dr.Pevelar said they must travel to northern India for the procedure and must bring with them $48,000 dollars in cash so they arranged the the trip and were to be picked up by agents of Dr. Pevelar and be transported to his Laboratory in northern India,this is where things began to go very wrong,for Murial and Marie.

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