The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath – Chapter 6

By: JamieLee1

Written on May 9th, 2012

You see Daddy, it’s like this! I love you and Mommy with all my heart. You always wanted to do what was best for me. You were a product of your upbringing and generation and I had to understand that.But, you didn’t ever know about me, you didn’t really care. You felt you had a son.
But didn’t have the capabilities to understand, anything beyond that. I don’t blame you!

Here is the truth! When you saw that I was happy! I was sad! When you made me play with boys toys! I really wanted to play with girls. When you introduced me to everyone as your son and seemed proud! Deep inside I wanted to be your daughter and was distraught! You dressed me as a boy! I wanted to be dressed as a girl! When you gave me presents every Christmas, I had to act happy, when I was really sad inside. But I showed my happiness, to just make you happy with me. I had to hide my feelings, when you expressed yours. I have lived inside myself, lonely afraid, scared, incarcerated, sad, hateful of myself. Night after night and endless night,,, I cried myself to sleep! Praying, because, I was different! And would wake up the next morning, and finally be complete. I hated myself, I hated my body, I hated my life, I hated my pain and constant suffering, I hated everything about myself. And I have no one in my life that understands me. No one!

Marie held her face in her hand and began crying, and said: Daddy, I don’t even think you believe me now! Just for one second, try to believe me that it could be true. Do you have any idea how painful is truly is for some one like me! Well, IT IS TRUE!

Daddy I am getting tired now, and I want to go to bed. You and Mommy can sit here and talk. Daddy, I love you, thank you for rescuing me and mommy. Marie gave her father a loving hug, and headed to bed.

The night was beautiful; Merion and Muriel sat on the back of the Yacht and watched the Sun as it was setting directly from the rear of the boat. It was totally beautiful, Marion and her snuggled close together, she kissed him and said, she knew that he would save them. I love you………………..

They then went to bed.

The next morning when she woke up, Merion had a wonderful breakfast prepared for her and Marie. It again was the beginning or a beautiful day; the sea was as calm as a mirror. The ocean breeze was memorizing! They had many discussions as the headed towards the United States. Merion showed Marie, documents to prove that the operation of that intensity could in fact be performed and once they returned to the States, he would hire the doctor to come and perform the operation on Marie. Marie danced on the bow of the boat all afternoon. She was the happiest girl in the World.

Dinner time approached, and again Merion prepared the most wonderful meal, and we all sat at the rear of the Yacht. Merion made Muriel a few Martinis. It was the beginning of the most beautiful night ever.

Marie went back to the bow of the Yacht, and was dancing to music. Merion leaned over and whispered in his ear. Merion I love you. What do you say this evening, we make love to each other like we used to? If you wish we can work on having another child!

Merion passionately kissed Muriel and said that just sounds perfect. Marie approached and asked if they minded if she went below and into her room. She wanted to read and go to bed. It was a long day. Of course they didn’t object.

Merion made Muriel a few more Martinis; it was the beginning of a romantic night!

It was beginning to get dark! One, of the most beautiful times of night. Again shortly it would be time to watch the sun set at the rear of the boat. She was in love. It was the most perfect night of her life. However she was beginning to feel the effects of the drinks she had.

Merion was sitting next to her, he passionately, bent over and kissed her. He said: Sweetheart this is going to be a beautiful night for me also. I love you. I am going to get us one last drink. I will be back shortly.

Muriel sat back in her chair, and felt the warm air blowing against her face. Then it dawned on her. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! SHE TURNED AND LOOKED AT THE BOW OF THE YACHT! THE SUN WAS SETTING OFF THE BOW OF THE BOAT AND NOT THE REAR.

What was going on? Why had they turned around? What was happening? Merion was heading back to where we had come from. Merion approached, Muriel sad back in her chair and acted like she didn’t notice. Her heart was pounding out of her chest.

Jamie lee contributor.


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