The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath Chapter Five

By: Me

Written on May 6th, 2012

Marie was of coarse terrified and completely unsure of what was about to happen to her she had already given up the acct,number and hoped this would have appeased her captures But this did not seem to be the case as they were now demanding she please all these very mean and demanding men.And what of her loving mother where was she being held and what were they demanding of her, true she had been beaten severely,but she did not give up even while she had been beaten unconscious. When she regained conscious  she could only think of her sweet Marie and what must have befallen her.The day was near it’s end and night would soon bring these evil men to Marie and possibly split her wide open and leave her to die bleeding like a virgin and left to die there in this horrible place.
But it had been hours now since the account had been accessed,and Marion was already alerted to their peril,He had always known of the place they were going and had his people in Interpol watching for anything out of the order,Marion may have been disappointed to lose his son But would not give up his wife and child he had already thought the whole thing suspicious and was watching before he was alerted by the asterisk.When the asterisk was noted by him he ordered his people to attack the compound like a seal team looking for Ben Laden,as the men gathered in the compound ready to take Little Marie and give her the worst of all treatment of her young life. in rushed an over whelming force of men hitting the compound so quick and hard no one knew what was  happening,in the ensuing madness Dr. Pevelar was killed and most of his men fell as well the others were taken into custody by Interpol on charges of international human smuggling . Marie and her mother were reunited, and were whisk away to the safety of Marion’s yacht. they were safe and holding each other tighter than they had ever held each other in their lives but little Marie was still wondering if her dream would ever come true.

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