The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath – Chapter 4

By: JamieLee1

Written on May 6th, 2012

Marie was trembling. Her cell in the basement was dark, damp and scary. She thought she saw a rat scurry across the floor. She was so scared and terrified. What were they going to do to her?At that moment, she heard her mother scream from upstairs. Someone had just hit her mother, and she was begging for mercy. Another voice, said JUST GIVE IT TO ME! Trust me; we will torture you or your daughter for the information. Give me that damn number!

Shortly afterwards she heard footsteps coming down the cellar steps! She sat back in the corner of her cell on the floor, shaking.

And began crying, yelling please don’t hurt me! Her cell door was opened and a large man stepped in and walked towards her. She again screamed please don’t hurt me. He bent down and slapped her with a heavy blow.

She was sobbing, and asked: what are you doing to my mother? He yelled back “we want that account number for the money. If she doesn’t give it to us we are going to kill her right in front of you!”!

Marie said please don’t hurt her anymore and I will give you that account number, but you must promise you won’t touch her again! He told her that he wouldn’t, but that she was going to be trained to do what they wanted of they would kill her mother. Marie said: I will do anything you ask!! Here is the number for the account you want!
(9114053628*) He said this better not be a trick, and left to go back upstairs.

Marie sat back down in the corner of her cell, placed her head between her knees and began to cry. What were they going to make her do? She was only a teenager. What would she have to endure and do? What kind of animals are they? She began do drift off to sleep.

Later that night, she was woken up by two burley men coming down the stairs; they opened her cell and said come with us! They both grabbed her arms and took her from her darkness, back upstairs. As they were taking her down the hallway, there she saw her mother tied to a chair. She broke away from them and ran to her mother and embraced her. Mommy are you OK? She said yes sweetie, as the men grabbed her and dragged her back out of the room.

They took her upstairs to the second floor and entered a back room. Where, they threw her on the couch.

They then began to explain, and told her to listen to every word!

If you do what we say, we will release you and your mother afterwards, unhurt! If you don’t do what we say, we will kill you in front of your mother and then kill her! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!

She said yes! They then told her that they have about 200 clients, that wanted to be with a young, beautiful, transsexuals and that she fit the bill. They told her that they bought the best cloths for her, and that she would be with many men. And, they better not hear that anyone was displeased with her! That she needed to satisfy all of them, and without complaints! That once she out lived her usefulness they would release her and her mother! If not they both would be killed.

She sadly agreed! OMG what was in store for her? Deep down inside she hungered for acceptance of which she was inside that she longed to have a relationship with anyone that validated her as a female and human being! But, not in this manner…………………

Jamie lee contributor.


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