The Perfect Bab…

The Perfect Baby’s Breath. Chapter Three

By: Me

Written on May 4th, 2012

Upon their arrival at Bombay International they were met by a couple of Dr.Pevelar’s minions and taken to board a small private plane for a three hour shuttle flight  to the private air strip near Dr. Pevelars compound.As they both flew along they each were having their own thoughts about the changes about to occur in Marie’s young life,Marie was living out fantasies of being a viable woman able to finally have a child of her own,and Murial was having all the concerned motherly thoughts one might expect in such a circumstance as this.Finally they arrived at the small air strip and were picked up in a not so nice car to be taken to the good doctors compound and laboratory.As they pulled in Murial though it a little strange that armed guards were at the gates to the compound but blew it off thinking it must be normal security in this part of the world.They were escorted to their quarters and instructed to freshen up and get some rest so they could attend dinner with Dr. Pevelar at his home that evening.It had been a long trip and they welcomed a hot shower and some rest.For Marie rest would come very hard as her mind was running so fast and full of wonderful thoughts,but she finally drifted off and was awakened by her mother as she said time to get dressed for dinner dear.They put on their evening wear and were escorted to Dr. Pevelar’s home for dinner,Of coarse the dinner conversation was full of questions about the upcoming event with Marie the Dr. seemed hesitant with his answers,and said he would shoe them the facility and films about the procedure tomorrow.The Dr. then ask Murial if she had brought the money as per his instructions,Murial said no that she felt unsafe in doing so but she could have the cash transferred at any bank of his choosing, he seemed a bit angry at this but said good evening and they could talk about this in the morning.
Murial being a cautious woman had Marion set up a special account for the monies needed for the trip and for the procedure,they also set up a secret code that just in case something went wrong Murial would put an Asterisk as the last number of a transaction alerting Marion that some thing was wrong. She also vowed to contact Marion twice a day so he would know they were safe.This would be some thing that may save their lives in case there was some danger.
Next morning they were awakened by two armed men and told to get dressed,Marie was grabbed and taken to a cell below the compound and locked up she was frightened and screaming for her mother,they told her to shut up or they would shut her up.Murial was taken to meet Dr.Pevelar and then came the frightening revelation he was not a doctor at all but the leader of a sex slave trade organization he told Murial she would get the money for him and that she and Marie would be shipped to Bangkok,Thailand and be sold.She knew now that the asterisk and Marion were their only hope of surviving this and continuing their quest for a child in Maries life.She hoped that the wealth and power of her husband could get someone there to save them before they were moved to another country and disappeared from his site forever…

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