Love pain and unconditional love.

on December 9th, 2011 at 6:38 PM

This story will start in the early 1980s. My sons mother received A secret letter after the death of her great Uncle, her family who had tried since our alope type marriage,to get us apart  ,as they considered she had married outside her species, used this as a way to drive something between us. This letter and her refusal to reveal it’s contents to me her husband of many years completely broke my trust in her as a mate,and I acted out in terrible fashion by being unfaithful and by my use of narcotics,and so this marriage ended not by my choosing but ended it did. I very much in denial soon found another person who I thought loved me, we moved to Jacksonville, Fl.soon after being there I began my own business,River City Painting And Decorating,during the coarse of this my son now 18yrs. was at odds with his mother and ask to come to Fl. to live with me. Even though I knew he was running away from some conflict with with his mom what could I say but YES. He soon appeared at my home and I began to teach him my trade in hopes that he would be a partner and take over the business someday,One of his good friends from high school also requested to come to my home and be a part of the whole thing. Things were going splendidly, except for Michelle, Shelle now had begun to show up in small ways in my not so great marriage with Pamala,as Michelle began her accent and Pam became more jealous of my son things began to spiral out of control, Pam, thought I was Gay and began a program of coming out in the nude when my son and his friend came home at night. Drunk and screaming he’s a queer, this eventually led to Jeff and Jason returning to IN. Things went way down from there she was diagnosed with pulmanery  artery disease and her DR. put her on prozac and zanax along with her usual case of beer.Soon she began to tell me not to go to sleep or she would slit my throat in my sleep. The police came many times and said call us back if she doesn’t calm down. by this time I had moved into the spare bedroom in fear of my life. I told her we must get apart and then filed for a divorce which I was easily granted. around that time I met JO AN Elizabeth from Day one I never kept Michelle from her and after 2yrs. of being my fiance she married me, she was everything to me all I could ever have dreamed of she bought me clothes she used sexually appropriate devices on Michelle and was a full participant in my life. Alas she had some baggage dating back to her childhood I later found out from her parents, she would run away sometimes for weeks or months at a time. while we were still engaged she did so one time, I was so freaked out I called the police and filed a missing persons report, a couple of weeks later she called me in Jacksonville from Gulfport, Miss. with another man in her room saying I love you and would you send me a bus ticket home, so began a pattern of Love I will call unconditional. many times during our long 12yr. marriage she ran away something her father said was pattern from youth and that she had been in therapy for most of her  life,I made a choice to love and never ask why and not throw it up in her face after accepting her back countless times, after all I am not pure in life. I loved her without condition, but in 2009 after the loss of our beloved little dog who was killed on the highway she gave up on life and committed suicide with my pistol while I was gone at work.And  this begins the life of Shelle.

2 thoughts on “Love pain and unconditional love.

  1. And so many people complain about their lot in life………………….You have had more than your fair share of troubles Shelle – my heart goes out to you and wishes you all the very best for your future.

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