More than you


By: Me

Written on March 25th, 2012

Up until a couple of months ago I hated the fact that I ever had to live life as a male,but I then had a wonderful conversation, one day on the phone with someone I met here. someone I consider somewhat of a guru to the Transgender community here.and this very wonderful person made me aware of how much more I had in life  by living the side of life I so thought I hated.I have a wonderful son who I truly adore and had I not tried to conform to societies roll for me,I wouldn’t have that.Also I have so many more experiences in life that a single gendered person will never know,I think that only makes me a more whole person than most people will ever be.So now when I look back at my past I can muster a smile,and realize just how lucky I really am,My life now as a woman feels even more full than I had dreamed.Thank You Jamielee1 you are my hero.



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