I Want You to W…

I Want You to Write a Letter to Your Future Self

The Girl With No Future

By: Me

Written on April 20th, 2012

Hello Shelle,It’s been some time since our last meeting, I wanted to take the time to look in on you, and see what you have become.
I see you have have refined your look and have sought out great knowledge while I was away,I see you are respected  and well loved by many, and that you have become kinder and more loving through the years.
I see that you have great need of your family and friends and that you have learned to to treasure them,and hold them dear to your heart and think of them first before your self,I admire you for that quality,It makes you a better woman than ever.
You seem to have matured in so many ways,the nuances are many and flatter your womanhood.
You should be proud of the direction you chose in your struggle through the very difficult times that were your past,you have become strong and confident,with sense of purpose,and walk with pride your head held high and your body language saying I am,and you can’t deter me.
You seem to have taken your once hated past and been able to incorporate it into the very essence of your better self.
I also see you wear a big smile and seem so very pleased at your accomplishments.
You have made good use of your time here and should be very proud of who you have become.
Sincerely your past life.

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