How the sadness enters our minds

The Mirror, The Woman, And The The World

By: Me

Written on December 19th, 2011

Each morning when I awaken and look in the mirror I see someone I hardly know any more,someone I hope will be gone forever one day. Then when I turn and walk away from the mirror the woman in my brain looks out of these eyes and see’s the world just as any other woman in the world,with all the same hopes and dreams , a woman who cries when she’s happy and when she is sad. A woman who is tender with the same need to be loved as any other.But then I lift my eyes and see the eyes of the world looking back at me, but they don’t see the woman I just saw. They see a freak some one not deserving the same consideration as any other woman, and I realize that I am still locked in the same cage I have always been in with little or no hope to ever escape.And so I begin each new day with the same tears as the day before, and the same hope to escape some day. Shelle Someone slipped me the  Key I’m out of here!!!!!

2 thoughts on “How the sadness enters our minds

  1. Felt the same way much of my life- until I developed enough confidence in myself as a transwoman to be proud of the world sees me.
    The process for me literally took years and the process is still not fool proof but the world is a different place now.
    I had to get to a place where I loved and respected myself first.
    We spend out lives getting beat down and hiding, it is exceedingly hard to do.

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