A good question

I Am Transgender

Question Posed

By: Me

Written on July 7th, 2012

Recently I was ask by a natal woman,why so many trans-women were still attracted to women or wished to be still in a a relationship with a wife or girl friend she ask was it like being a lesbian?
I think there are a multitude of answers to this everyone has their own reasons I would imagine.
For some they have been in their relationship for many years and don’t want to leave because they are still in love with their mate.And still others have been there so long they don’t want to go through all the drama and loss of what they worked for all their lives,fear is a great motivator.
And still their are probably those who truly desire a lesbian style relationship.
And for me after losing my wife and being alone now for sometime,I have come to realize that I was probably still holding on to the fear of what others would think of me if I said I wanted to be in a natural relationship with a man since I am a woman in every sense of the word,It just seems normal for me to want a man.No woman no matter who she is can truly make you feel like a woman but a man sure can.

I hope that others of you will respond with comments about your feelings on this,     Shelle



By: Me
Age: 61-65, Woman

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