What The World …

What The World Misses.

By: Me

Written on August 9th, 2012

In the past year I have met and made friends with many girls like myself who are in transition or have already transitioned.  
I just want to say that everyone of them is a kind and respectful human being with so much understanding and love for fellow humans they are all just normal people like anyone else they face all the same day to day struggles as anyone does in life but on top of that they face bigotry,and discrimination for something they had no choice in we are born with this genetic disorder it is thrust upon us without our say and we live out our lives struggling to overcome obstacles that make many give up and take their lives.
We are not perverts waiting to pounce on your children or preform ungodly sex acts in the street,we are normal people born with a birth defect please consider us in life and try to understand us as human beings,if you make friends with anyone of us you will surely come away blessed with a friend who is more loving and tolerant than anyone you have ever known before,so please give us a chance to enhance your lives with with our special understanding of the world,make friends with a transgendered person and know true friendship in your life.


By: Me
Age: 61-65, Woman

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