How Friends change our lives

I Am Jamie Lee – This Is My Glbt News Desk

Dedicated To Shelle

By: JamieLee1

Written on July 24th, 2012


I am compelled to write a story about an amazing person, who I have had the privilege to meet in my life. We met on EP months ago. She was forlorn and depressed. She and I became friends very quickly, and our friendship grew.

Recently I invited her to come and visit me at my home. Never in my life had I ever thought of, or contemplated inviting someone I had met on the internet, to my home,

But somehow, this situation was unique in a profound manner. We had the most surreal and amazing time together. We sat and talked to each other from sun set to sun rise many days! We laughed together, cried together, and shared our inner most feeling and thoughts together. We shared our wants, needs and desires in life as well as in death!

It was one of the most intense interactions two human beings could be blessed to experience.. We talked about being in the military, me being in law enforcement, our lives, our mistakes, and our broken promises. I think we even talked about why female kangaroos have 6 teats, and only one Joey. And what a waste of teats it was in a kangaroo’s life. We talked about being free as Transsexual woman, love and acceptance. We talked about Society finally accepting us as the unique individuals that we are, in a loving, non-judgmental manner.

I especially talked about infinity and a new found understanding.

We then talked about the people that we love in our lives. And what they go through to know us and accept us, especially our children! Which inspired me to write about them?

Our Children, who we witnessed upon birth, held and bonded with, nurtured, raised with proper ideals & integrity. We were there when they were sick, sad or hurt. We inspired them and are there forever, through thick or thin, with any life choices they make. We continue to love them and support them through any trials and tribulations they may face.

Now WE! As their parents are older and they don’t need us as much, however for some reason unknown to me! They expect us to become the visions of what we should be to them. 

And here are two individuals, Shelle and I, in our transition to live our lives as free human beings, trying to painfully live as we should have been since our own birth, being shunned by our children. We only ask of them the most sacred thing! Please let us live and be who we are. Support US, love US, and nurture US as we did them. And most importantly accept us…………….

I told my daughter and she embraced me. I told my son and he embraced me and said he accepts, however, still has inner problems.

Shelle told her sister, and her sister embraced her with such a divine acceptance that words cannot define.

Shelle’s son is basically doing the same as mine.

Where have we gone wrong in our Generation, where our sons cannot cry and grasp the feminine gender, the sexuality and fail to understand the human condition along with the intensity of diversity? At least love and support us with our decisions.

This, and a multitude of other things Shelle and I talked about!

If I know one thing in my pathetic life, it is this! I am honored to have met someone as wonderful as Shelle. I am proud to be her friend!

Thank you so very much for entering into my life. You have inspired me in so many ways.

Jamie Lee

Your friend…………



Age: 51-55, Woman

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