Grow up men

Unique Perpective

By: Me

Written on April 23rd, 2012

Some of you who have followed my writings, have probably noticed that I  Have a low opinion of men for the most part.
This doesn’t rule out all of you because I do know some who are very wonderful people, and get it in life.
Because I grew up trying to be one I got a really good knowledge about how they feel about women,It’s not a pretty picture girls.
I have stood by and cringed at the things I heard them say about women,my son included.
They judge you by your ass,your tits,your legs ,did I say ass and if you have a pretty face, no matter how f-ing ugly you are, they make the rudest of comments to each other about every one they see.Like I want to F her face,but her body sucks,you get the picture I’m sure, It goes on and on.
I could give examples till the cows come home.
Point being when you look them in the eye be suspicious about their motives most just want what they think is your best trait.
they really don’t give a dam about what’s in your head 99.9% of the time is this why most marriages fail I wonder.


By: Me
Age: 61-65, Woman

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