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By: Me

Written on August 3rd, 2012

We as transgendered people face so many challenges that normal people must just never even consider in life.We face the conflict of telling our mates we are the opposite sex they thought they married, and must do it in a very convincing way to be even slightly credible,we have to some how find a way to tell our family ,such as children and mothers,brothers,and sisters all the while expecting total rejection at every turn,dads who rarely ever take it well,and what about the kids you grew up around,how do you tell a small child who has loved you all your life as uncle Mike that you are now aunt Shelle,would you agree that these are very challenging thresholds to cross that normal’s never deal with,think about all that changes in your life when you finally commit to being the real you.Is it written in the anal’s of some therapist you are seeing at the time,some postscript that can be called to force when you draw a blank as to how to move forward in your life without leaving others completely baffled in the process.Is it us who live comfortably in our own skin who need therapy, or is it the people who have no clue nor desire to know of us,are they the ones who need the education of a therapist.I know who I am I’m Shelle,but now I have to tell the rest of my world that that is who I am, it is a daunting task even in the best of scenarios, some look at you as if you have lost your ever loving mind,and yet still others don’t blink an eye,yes it brings new challenges everyday that you normal’s have never even had to bring to mind.We have to be stronger and more open to all we encounter in order to survive,and make others feel like we are a credible piece of humanity.Even the simple act of using the restroom can end up being a traumatic event when you are dressed as woman you would assume that you should be using the woman’s room but if someone notices and complains,It can become an event involving the authorities.No clear guidelines are yet in place in many areas of our country with regard to the use of said facilities.If god forbid you happen to be arrested you are placed in general population with people of your wrong Gender assignment and face being molested and raped and maybe beaten to death.
And let us not forget that a great many of us die with unfinished lives.
And many of us will be unable to vote because our ID doesn’t match the person we present,In full time.
Many of us suffer life long depression and large numbers commit suicide in the face of this stressful disorder.
Just imagine boarding a plane these days when your ID says male and your dress says female talk about being molested by the TSA.
,or maybe not boarding your flight at all.

As time goes by I intend to add to this story,and hope your comments will reflect challenges you too have faced as a transgendered person.
Back with more soon Shelle.



By: Me
Age: 61-65, Woman

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